Eclipse installation and Configuration Guide

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Install eclipse

Install subclipse

Configure android


1. Install eclipse.

1. Install JDK 6

Download JDK and install

The latest version is jdk-6u22

2. Download and install eclipse classic


The latest version is

Decompress the file to the D: \ developer \ eclipse directory.


Ii. Installation of common plug-ins

1. Install the Eclipse project updates

Help --> install new software --> The Eclipse project updates --> select an installation item


2. Install the Helios support component.

Help --> install new software --> work with: Helios-

--> Programming languages ages --> C/C ++ development tools

Javascript development tools

Php development tools (PDT) SKD feature


--> General purpose tools --> marketplace client // This is a software supermarket for the appstore class.

Using the markeplace client, you can easily install components on the eclipse platform.

Reference: Eclipse Helios tour


3. Install Subversion

Install subclipse in eclipse 3.x

3.1 If your host cannot access the website, add a host record:

3.2 Add a new repository.

Name: subclipse 1.6.x (eclipse 3.2 +)

3.3 select subclipse --> install

3.4 add a repository location

Open SVN repository indexing ing --> New --> repository location

Note: javahl may need to be installed, and sliksvn needs to be downloaded in 64-bit Systems

Note: you may need to modify the file encoding format:Window-> General-> Workspace-> text file encoding is GBK by default, can be set to UTF-8


4. Install the Gae Development Environment

Google plugin for eclipse can be installed through marketplace, and the following components can be installed:

Google App Engine Java SDK 1.4.0

Goolge plugin for eclipse 3.6

Google Web Toolkit SDK 2.1.1

Unfinished ....

Additional reference:

Google plugin for eclipse

Configure windows eclipse for use with Google App Engine


5. Install the python Development Environment

# Install the new Python version. The current versions include 2.7.1 and 3.1.3, which are incompatible.

# Install pydev-Python IDE for eclipse through marketplace


3. andorid Development Environment

1. download and install the latest Android SDK and configure the PATH variable of the system.

Official WebsiteWall flip requiredTo access, download the current Latest Version: installer_r09-windows.exe

After installing the SDK package, start "SDK manager.exe" to go to the real download page. After the download is successful, add the following configuration to the environment variable path.

C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Android-SDK-Windows \ tools


Platform Package Size MD5 checksum
Windows 32779808 bytes 1a1bb8fad80bcc2dfbd00443b9a13e6b
The installer_r09-windows.exe (recommended) 32828818 bytes A0185701ac0d635a4fbf8169ac949a3c5b3d31e0
Mac OS X (Intel) 28829553 bytes Ef3102fdbbbbd9bf4d9b572624aa9dc1
Linux (i386) Android-sdk_r09-linux_x86.tgz 26917824 bytes 9fefac5ff85d329836439f6e77a78cae

Official Installation Wizard: Installing the SDK

Here's an overview of the steps you must follow to set up the android SDK:
1. Prepare your development computer and ensure it meets the system requirements.
2. Install the SDK starter package from the table above.
(If you're on Windows, download the installer for help with the initial setup .)
3. Install the ADT plugin for eclipse (if you'll be developing in eclipse ).
4. Add Android platforms and other components to your SDK.
5. Release e the contents of the android SDK (optional ).


2. installation and configuration of ADT

help --> install new software... --> Add...

--> name: Android


--> Install Developer Tools

3. Configure the android SDK directory

window --> preferences --> Android --> SDK location --> enter " Android-SDK-Windows" root directory

" C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Android-SDK-Windows \ "--> Apply --> OK


Window --> Android SDK and AVD manager --> three options are available.

1. Virtual Devices: You can create a virtual device for development. For example:

Name: android2.2 target: Android 2.2-API Level 8

Name: android2.3 target: Android 2.3.1-API Levle 9

2. installed packages list of packages you have installed

3. Available packages your updatable list

4. helloworld





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