Eclipse Integrated Perl Development environment

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With the Perl environment under Linux, how do you develop Perl under Windows? Believe that many developers dream of things.

This article teaches you to install the Perl plugin in eclipse, so let's follow the steps below.

1. First install the Perl Environment under window:

file name: Activeperl-

1.1 Click to download the good files follow the prompts step-by-step installation

1.2 Detect if Perl is installed successfully:

1.2.1 "Start", "Run", "cmd" input perl-v, if there is a large paragraph of the explanatory text, then congratulations, Windows Perl installed

1.2.2 If the prompt is not an internal or external command, it means that the installation does not automatically add Perl file paths to the environment variables.

Specific settings: Environment variables, advanced system settings, properties, computer

D:\develop\perl\bin;d:\develop\perl\site\bin # This is my computer's setup, please configure it as your own installation path

2. Installing the JDK


I have installed: Jdk-8u5-windows-x64.exe

Note: If your computer is 32-bit, please download the 32 version of the JDK; If your computer is 64-bit, please download the 64-bit JDK.

3. Install Eclipse


I have installed:

Note: If your computer is 32-bit, please download version 32 of Eclipse; If your computer is 64-bit, please download 64-bit eclipse.

4. Install Eclipse plugin epic
: Http://

4.1 Unzip after download, Copy the jar packages under the feature and plugins two folders to the corresponding feature and plugins directories under the Eclipse installation directory

4.2 Then restart Eclipse;
4.1.1 You see Perl project when you create a new project.

4.1.2 Write a test file, content: print "Hello world!\n"

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