Eclipse is always about building workspace and automatic update, and eclipse Acceleration

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Eclipse is always about building workspace and automatic update. Eclipse accelerates the development of an ophone project using eclipse recently. Every time you open eclipse, you always build the workspace, and you still cannot build it, it is impossible to save, run, debug, and close the program because the build is complete, and the process can only be ended, which makes me quite depressed. 1-Eclipse is automatically compiled by default. You can remove build automaticaly under the project and translate it into manual compilation, which can reduce the system load, in addition to the project being edited, all others are disabled. 2-in eclipse. -Clean is added to the INI file, and eclipse is cleaned up (open the search with the Windows + s key, and then search for eclipse. INI) 3-When eclipse is started (that is, in eclipse. -vmargs-xmx512m is added to the INI file. The memory consumption in eclipse is relatively small, but the consumption is also large. Clean up and enable large eclipse memory in time. 4-window --> preferences --> install/update --> auto updates, cancel Automatic update 5-preferences-> General-> startup and shutdown: remove excerpts from projects other than plug-ins activated on startup (for example, if mylyn is useless, it will be removed, or all will be removed)
Eclipse acceleration for

Increase the maximum memory available for eclipse running

Specific Operation: Modify the eclipse. ini in the eclipse directory, and increase-xmx512m. I changed it to-xmx768m.
Effect: ominous.

Reduce plug-ins automatically started after eclipse is started
Specific Operation: In preferences-> General-> startup and shutdown: Remove excerpts from projects other than plug-ins activated on startup (for example, if mylyn is useless, it will be removed)
Effect: After eclipse is started, the initialing Java tools scroll bar will appear, and it will be much faster.

Reduces the number of projects to be verified during compilation and increases the compilation speed.
Specific Operation: In preferences-> validataion, remove irrelevant validator. For example, I will remove JPA, JSP, and WS that are not related to me.
Effect: Eclipse runs fewer validator projects during project compilation, which is indeed faster.

Turn off automatic compilation
Specific Operation: Project-> build automatically
Effect: automatic compilation is not started after the code is modified and saved.

When you clean, pay attention to the option
Specific Operation: Project-> clean
Note: below are: Build the entire workspace and build only the selected projects
Select the check box as needed, because the entire workspace is compiled by default.

Display memory usage (manual GC is supported)
Specific Operation: preference-> General-> show Heep status

Save your own perspective
Specific Operation: 1. Window-> Save perspective
2. Preference-> perspective-> make default: Set the created perspective or common settings to the default

Disable Automatic server Publishing
Specific Operation: Server> publishing> never publish automatically

Easy to handle
Slow operation, no hurry, the machine gets stuck, just wait patiently.

If eclipse gets stuck and is in the minimization mode, right-click the task bar of eclipse on Windows and choose the maximized menu.

During eclipse's work, please do not disturb it. If you have to go to the interface, first try the mouse over the control you want to click to see if the control is alive, otherwise, do not disturb it. wait.

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