Eclipse MinGW CPP Development environment

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Eclipse Development C + +

Microsoft's vc++6.0: Too old, for Win7 compatibility is not good,

Now Microsoft Visual Studio: Installation package is too large, several g, loaded with a bunch of things you don't need, money, teach
Fertility version Application Trouble

DOS under the Turbo C + +: Although Windows can also be used, but also antique, pseudo-graphical interface. Operation Trap

Open source eclipse+ Open source compiler mingw: good for win7 compatibility, free, set up is also very free, you can own the full control
Compile the detailed procedures and settings, you can also use the default settings, press a few buttons to compile the run directly. But at the time of installation
To set it a little bit.

Also requires MinGW, which does not have its own compiler, the Eclipse platform is just a framework for developer tools that does not directly
Support for C + +; it uses external plug-ins to provide support.
You need to install the g++ compiler first, and then add the path to the G++.exe to the environment variable.

1 Download and install MinGW
2 Download install eclipse for C + + version
3 Restart Eclipse Auto-detect MingW

Preparatory work:
1. Download and install the JRE.

2. Download and install Eclipse,
Under Windows, the recommended compilers for eclipse include: MinGW and Cygwin, where you choose MinGW to introduce

3. Download the installation MinGW.
Download the latest version of MinGW on the website. Will come down a mingw-5.1.4.exe file
, double-click, select Download and install, in the dialog box to select the things to install, here in addition to the choice of minimal
, but also add g++, other optional, but MinGW make feature do not install, because there will be better
The version.
You can also download Mingw-get-setup.exe for installation

Start Eclipse, select File-new-c++ Project, set project name, location. Project
Type select Executable-empty Project. Right toolchains inside, if MinGW installed, there will be
MinGW gcc options are available.

Get it done, write a Hello world.

C + + compiler in Windows is generally VC, Linux under a lot of Gcc,mac native system OS X useful
Apple's LLVM. Your Mac can install IDE Xcode. The editor can be selected under Settings.

It is not recommended to use Eclipse plus CDT, the installation is often problematic, and the code hints are particularly slow. It's good to use Xcode under your Mac.
, who knows with whom.

Installation Method Two:
1. JDK
Eclipse Essentials
2. Eclipse
Download the Eclipse IDE for C + + developers with the CDT plugin to open Eclipse's help-about
Eclipse can see.
3. CDT
4, MinGW
C + + compiler, my version MinGW-5.1.4
Note: Locate the directory where you installed the MinGW, and will mingw\bin\mingw32-make.exe this file, renamed
Make.exe, or you will be prompted with errors when compiling the program.
5. Environment variables
Path: In order to find paths such as Gcc,make C:\Program Files\mingw\bin

Library_path: The environment variable can be set to one or more directory name lists, the connector will search for the directory,
To find special connector files, and a library of names specified by the-L (letter L) command-line option, mainly the. O text
If a file similar to. O is not found, then it is possible that this variable is set to a problem C:\Program files
\mingw\lib; C:\Program files\mingw\lib\gcc\mingw32\3.4.5

C_include_path: Use this environment variable when compiling a C program C:\Program files\mingw\include
Cplus_include_path: Use this environment variable when compiling a C + + program C:\Program files\mingw\include
\c++\3.4.5; C:\Program Files\mingw\include\c++\3.4.5\mingw32; C:\Program Files
\mingw\include\c++\3.4.5\backward; C:\Program Files\mingw\include

Over, under test
New C + + project for HelloWorld
There are a few small problems, the approximate solution is as follows:
Build first and run.
Right click project--properties--c/c++ build--settings right binary parsers select PE Windows

Eclipse MinGW CPP Development environment

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