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^_^ was too happy to think that Eclipse had only tortoisesvn and no version control software like CVS in Visual Studio 2010, not that I hated tortoisesvn, but that I was not used to using the software (it was too much trouble). Well, no more nonsense, the project management software in Eclipse is called: Subclipse. Do Java development Students should know this software, but I am a beginner, so today only know.

Through the online search for information, know how to download and configure the software: Click here to see how to download and install, click here to see how to configure this software

Through the above two links to believe that everyone is installed and configured, I will now summarize how to use this software:

1: First you have to have a hosted server, I use Googlecode, many domestic Daniel use is GitHub, but I do not use, so temporarily do not consider this hosting site.

2: Then add SVN to your eclipse (add the project file under your hosting server address),

3: Right-click on your project file,

4: Select SVN, click Next,

5: The next step is to choose your hosting server and choose which folder to put it in:

6: Click Finish to complete the project check-in.

7: Finally you can submit your project file to the hosting server:

To summarize:

The habit of using VisualStudio2010 students, now can be transferred directly to eclipse, yes, I also say here, configure JDK and Tomcat experience, in the environment variables, the configuration JDK first in the path to add to the JDK Bin folder under the paths, Then add java_home this path is only added to the JDK root directory, not to the bin directory, in the same way Tomcat is configured.

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