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Eclipse skills Else article:
Template: Alt +/
Modify: click "Settings"> "Settings"> "workbench"> "choose"> "internal"> "internal support.
Individual Bytes: Shift + space (blank ).
Easy to describe: when the program is updated, run sysout + template to activate the program.
Will automatically generate: system. Out. println ();.
To set the template format, choose "Settings"> "Settings"> "Java"> "compiler"> "example.

Automatic Program layout: Ctrl + Shift + F
Modify: click "Settings"> "Settings"> "workbench"> "by Settings"> "program"> "format.
Individual databases: Alt + Z.
Automatic typographical settings: choose Window> preferred Settings> JAVA> program editing formats as a program.
Style labels-> insert a tab instead of a blank tab to display the content in the browser. The check box is canceled.
Enter 4 as the number of spaces below. In this way, Space 4 is used as the limit in the automatic sorting.

Fast rolling schedule: Ctrl + F11
Individual databases: Alt + x
Modify: click "Settings"> "Settings"> "workbench"> "click"> "dynamic"> "renew the previous notebook.
Easy to describe: During the first line, it will ask you about the line mode,
After the parameter is set, as long as you press this parameter, it will quickly continue.
<Alt + z (finished layout), ATL + x (finished layout)> .. I think it is very difficult ^ ___ ^

Do not: Ctrl + Shift + O
Yi yiming:
When we do not import any type of data, we enter the following in the program:

BufferedReader buf =
new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(;

At this time, eclipse will warn that there are no such differences. At this time, we only need to press Ctrl + Shift + O
It will automatically help us import data.

View the original cursor of the similar type: Ctrl + cursor on the left of the mouse
Easy to describe: You can see the primitive operators that you use.

Extract the selected text: Ctrl +/
Easy to describe: debugging is very convenient.
Modify: click "Settings"> "Settings"> "workbench"> "choose"> "program"> "solution ".

: Ctrl + F8
Individual databases: Alt + S.
Modify location: Navigation Pane> Settings> workbench> press navigation> Navigation Pane> next Navigation Pane.
Yi yiming: This makes it easy for us to quickly switch between different regions and other scenarios.

A set of eclipse functions at the same time, including English, traditional, and simplified instructions:
1. First, install the Chinese culture package.
2. Add additional data to the desktop after the desktop,
English->-nl "zh_us"
Traditional->-nl "zh_tw"
Example->-nl "zh_cn ".
(Other sequences are used in this category)
Like my culture in 2.1.2, I added data-N1 "zh_us" to the eclipse on my desktop ".
"C:/program files/Eclipse/eclipse.exe"-n "zh_us"
The interface will change back to the English speaker system.

Using eclipse, you do not have to re-arrange the program during Word Segmentation:
Compile the entire eclipse program within the development region (CTRL + C), and directly upload (CTRL + V)
On word or Wordpad, you will find the program development format in word, with eclipse
The settings are exactly the same, including fonts, layout, and font colors. I used JBuilder.
, Gel, netbeans... when using zookeeper, only the layout format is the same.
Color will not change.

External documents:
External Store security: After the External Store is downloaded back, you will find features,
Plug-ins: These two resources will be used in all the things or moved to features of Eclipse.
And plug-ins, and then re-activate eclipse.

So that eclipse can use the drag method to create external libraries of the Architecture GUI like jbuilderx:
1. jigloo SWT/swing GUI builder:
Later versions: jigloo plugin for eclipse (using Java 1.4 or 1.5)
After security, you can select the GUI type for the structure from case-> New-> Other-> GUI form.

2. Eclipse visual editor project:
Click Download page at the bottom, and then click latest release 0.5.0 to enter the next release.
In addition to, the following two items are required:
EMF build 1.1.1: (build page) (download zip)
GEF build 2.1.2: (build page) (download zip)

3.0 M8 version, please refer:
EMF build i200403250631
GEF build i20040330

After the installation is successful, you can start the UI design with file-> New-> visual class.
After the installation is successful, you can choose between "new"> "Java"> "AWT" and "Swing ".
The GUI type of the structure to be created starts with the design line. Ve must work with the corresponding

Use eclipse to develop JSP programs:
External region name: lomboz (lower region)
Http:// Group_id = 97
When the lombozfile is downloaded, indicates version 2.1.2, indicates the M7 version.
Lomboz security and settings Tutorial:
Eclipse releases JSP-teaching files

Java example EXE:
Implementation Method: Eclipse works with jsmooth (free of charge ).
1. Use eclipse connector as a jar containing manifest.
2. Use jsmooth to compile the jar package into exe.
Bottom plane of jsmooth:
3. Upload the completed exe program. You can renew the program on windows with the JRE installed in the program.

Best settings for eclipse-Java connector:
Font setting: workbench> font> JAVA font.
(It is recommended to set Courier New-regular 10)

Parameter Setting: parameter window-> parameter setting-> JAVA-> parameter setting

External region: displays the line numbers, and displays the line numbers,
The 80 80 80 80 80 80 80 80 80 80 80 80 80 80 80 80 80 80 80 80 80 80 80 80 80 80 80 80 80 80 80 80 80 80 80 80.
Program Assistant: Just configure the settings.
Setting Method: You can set the color of the character, string, and so on.
Appendix: configure settings.
Checked: All the checked bits are selected.
Floating Description: Just configure it.
Always ready: Always ready to set.

The effects of auto-layout are best suited to the settings of the Java Design Example:
Automatic typographical settings: select Window> preferred Settings> JAVA> program programming formats.

Rows: all are not checked.
Branch: Maximum length: 80.
Format: Insert a blank check box after the optimized type.
Number of internal spaces: Set to 4.

Eclipse tutorial file:
Eclipse 3.0 series license release tables-by sungo )~ New ~
Windows + GCC + CDT use eclipse to develop C and C ++ (by sungo )~ New ~

Java Development Tool for eclipse (Chinese)
Use eclipse to develop J2EE applications (Chinese)
Use the eclipse platform to perform the Division (Chinese)
Use eclipse to develop XML (Chinese)
Develop eclipse external program (Chinese)
Compile your eclipse foreign program in China (English)
Add the swing handler to eclipse)
How to upgrade your Eclipse plug-in to meet the requirements of the international market)

Eclipse Website:
Eclipse-related learning [experiences]

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