Eclipse suddenly runs slow resolution practices (before quickly but later slows down)

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A: Suddenly eclipse runs very slowly, mainly in: Eclipse Open is very slow, there will be suspended animation state. After Eclipse is successfully opened, it is slow to open one of the files within the project. Eclipse starts Web server, which has a method for looping 6000+ times, and the result takes 6 minutes.
Analysis: I don't think I need to modify the Eclipse startup parameters to expand the use of memory. Because my eclipse has been running in the default (Eclipse.ini) configuration since the beginning, never changed.
The sudden eclipse slows down, not because there is less memory allocated. Web server expands memory. Tried, after restarting the server, for Loop 6000+ times, still need 6 minutes. Clean up the Web server temp folder and clean up the temporary files in the C:\Users\XXXX\AppData\Local\Temp directory. Tried, still no fruit. Workaround: Change the workspace, and then import the project to restart the Web server. It's running fast. Or clean-up: Metadata folder, empty the stuff inside.
Reason for traceability: causes the. Metadata directory to have the wrong reason, there are a few centralized possible: Web server is running, Eclipse forcibly closed: server is running, without shut down server to shut down eclipse directly. or Web server is not running, but Eclipse's system process is forcibly terminated. Or eclipse is running, suddenly the PC loses power ... Eclipse installs some plugins, but when Eclipse is closed gracefully it is estimated that some of the related plugins configurations will be written to: Metadata\.plugins\ inside
II: Eclipse Run speed optimization (solve the problem of crazy reading disk, release slow, cpu100%, etc.)

1. Clean up the project documents

Delete all files in the. metadata\.plugins\org.eclipse.epp.usagedata.recording directory in the workspace directory, mainly to keep this directory, only delete files in the directory can be

Reduce problems with Eclipse cards caused by JVM memory reclamation
This is mainly the JVM in the client mode, when the memory is collected, will stop all the other work, with the recovery to perform other tasks, during which eclipse is stuck. Therefore, the proper increase in the amount of memory requested by the JVM to reduce the number of times it is recycled or even not recycled, there will be a noticeable improvement in the card phenomenon.

The heap memory is set primarily by the following JVM parameters:
--launcher. Xxmaxpermsize
Three: Remove code that is not executed or invalid in the program, generate read or write data stream remember to close

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