Eclipse SVN Installation Considerations

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1. Download the SVN pluginOpen Eclipse, menu bar Help, Install New software

Add a URL to work with: appear after carriage return for example the following two options. All check all the way next. Until the installation is complete, a warning will pop up in the middle without having to worry about it. Click "OK" to continue the installation.

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After the installation is complete, restart Eclipse.

2, check whether the installation of SVN successfully opened the menu bar Windows-Preferences, Team saw that there is SVN information to prove the successful installation. If unsuccessful, please repeat the above steps.

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3. Tell SVN where your project repository is after SVN is installed. The next step is to tell it your project warehouse address. Otherwise you will not be able to sync updates later. Open SVN view, assuming that there is no icon in the upper-right corner, then the SVN repository view will appear when you click on the SVN repository, Window-> Show views, others.

In SVN view, right-click New Repository location,

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Enter the Project warehouse URL here.  Need to login to verify, input teacher to username and password can. After the login is successful, right-click, check out as. Checking out all the resources will appear such as the following interface:

This is our project repository.
4, SVN daily use of basic operations (1) If you are submitting a project that is not in the repository, right-click your Project,team-Share project

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So it can.
(2) Assuming that the partner has updated the code, you need to know what the TA is updating in detail. Then you have to sync the warehouse project to your computer. Select the project you want to synchronize. Right-click, team-I sync with repository (or update)
(3) If you change the code, you need to submit your own code to the SVN repository, let the team of small partners know, then choose the project you want to update, right-click. Team--submit, and in the dialog box, indicate what is updated in the updated version number.

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(4) by looking at the repository history version number records, you can see what the small partners have done with the project. Select Project to view, right-click, team--Show resource history
The difference between update, sync, and commit is explained here:

Updates refer to changes on the server and you do not change locally. Need you to update.
Submission means what is not on the server, that is, what you have changed. You need to submit the code. Other colleagues update your code commit commit
Synchronization is the work done before the update is submitted. Update before the submission of synchronization, to know what to submit what things to update, what is conflicting (you and co-workers changed the same file, there may be conflicts), conflict can not mention that AC cannot be updated, Only the first file of the conflict chooses to overwrite local files or servers these files cover local talent for updates or submissions
Note: Do the same time more than one person to manipulate the file. It will create a conflict.

Eclipse SVN Installation Considerations

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