Eclipse tips, eclipse tutorials

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Eclipse tips, eclipse tutorials

(1) Common Eclipse shortcut keys

(1)Ctrl + left mouse button 
UsedView definitions of variables, methods, and classes

(2) Ctrl + O 
View the outline of a class and list its methods and member variables. Tip: press Ctrl + O to list the methods and variables inherited by the class.
Note: "O" ---> "Outline" ---> "Outline"
(3) Ctrl + T 
View the inheritance tree of a class, Is top-down, and press Ctrl + T one more time, will change to the display structure from bottom to top.
Tip: select a method name and press Ctrl + T. You can view the parent class, subclass, and interface of the method with the same name.
Note: "T" -------> "Tree" -----> "Hierarchy Tree"

(4) Ctrl +/

Comment the current row, and then click to cancel the comment


The shortcut key is invalid when editing an xml file.
Eclipse XML Note: CTRL + SHIFT +/
Uncomment: CTRL + SHIFT + \

(5) Ctrl + Shift + F format the current Code

(6) other shortcut keys

Ctrl +/(keypad) collapse all code in the current class

Ctrl + × (keypad) show all the code in the current class

Alt + Shift + R Rename (one of my favorite ones, especially the Rename of variables and classes, which saves a lot of labor compared with manual methods)

Alt + Shift + M extraction method (this is one of the most common methods in refactoring, especially useful for a lot of mud code)

Alt + Shift + C modify the function structure (more practical. N functions call this method and modify it once)

Alt + Shift + L extract local variables (you can directly extract some magic numbers and strings into one variable, especially when multiple calls are performed)

Alt + Shift + F convert the local variable in the Class to the field variable (more practical)

Alt + Shift + Z restructured regret medicine (Undo)

Ctrl + Alt + H view the link level of a function called by other functions



Eclipse tips

Alt + '/' combination key

How to Use eclipse

Place the mouse over the method name and press Ctrl + the left mouse button to quickly enter the method.
You can also use Ctrl + H to check where the method is called.
Ctrl + O to quickly display all methods of this class
Ctrl + L quickly locate a line

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