[Eclipse tips] Set up jsp/html files in Eclipse good-looking automatic typesetting

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Eclipse in the JSP file code layout is ugly, but in order to make the code looks less chaotic or often used, Baidu has not found a solution to many times, so endured for a long time.

I don't know if it's the Eclipse update change settings, the settings found on the Web are always out of the way,

Today I accidentally found a place to set up,

Very simple:

Window-->preferences-->web-->html Files-->editor,

Set line width to 720 so that the code doesn't break easily.

Then in the inline elements, select the first drag scroll bar to the bottom of the last item by pressing SHIFT, click Remove to remove all the inline element

Just click OK.

And then format it once in the *.jsp file, is it more structured?

PS. About removing the inline element can not do, if not remove, some of the labels will be displayed on one line

[Eclipse tips] Set up jsp/html files in Eclipse good-looking automatic typesetting

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