Eclipse+ Ultra-fast simulator Genymotion development Android app (first step: Install and configure genymotion)

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First, installation and configuration genymotion

(1) due to the SDK emulator that comes with eclipse, it's slow to start, so let's talk about a faster simulator genymotion

(2) First go to Genymotion's official website to register an account, this account is useful please remember your account number and password (I use QQ good registration)

URL is:

(3) After filling in the information, click Creat Account to register and then activate your mailbox!

(4) then go to download genymotion in view of the slow download, specially uploaded to the cloud disk share to everyone: Http:// extract Code 07D2

(5) After downloading, click Install directly! The installation process is no longer detailed! As long as the default is good! Here is a joint installation with VirtualBox, so all installed can!

(6) After installation, with the administrator enabled, create a simulator, below is I have created a good simulator, you should not have the beginning!

(7) Then click Add, where the side of the need to log in before you can add, so in the bottom right of the popup page there is a sign in that login, use the registered account login can!

(8) After landing, you should be able to see the picture below

(9) Then choose your own Android version and device model (I choose the bottom, according to my needs)

(10) Click on the next---then the setting is very simple is to set up their own device name, you can not choose, continue to click Next

(11) then began to enter the installation process, the speed is relatively fast, I reached more than 5M per second

(12) After the installation will automatically deploy the image to VirtualBox, the following is installed after the interface

(13) Click Finish to launch the simulator! It's a little exciting to think about.

(14) Then see in the I added no, click Start can be, but the problem came, pop up the error below!

(15) It means you have a network configuration problem, the solution is as follows: Open your network and Sharing Center

(16) Then click Change adapter settings, see my is installed VMware so we need to advanced these networks, put up, click the right mouse button, disable it

(17) If your machine does not have VMware installed, you can save the previous step, and then on the VirtualBox host-only network, right-click-Properties-Find ipv4--double-click

Change the top to automatically get it!

(18) In addition, there is a frequently encountered problem:error message state that genymotion can ' t load OpenGL libraries?

Probably contains opengl, meaning that your video card will not support the OpenGL2.0, if you encounter such a problem, only need to update the latest graphics driver on it!

(Recommended updates are common, do not update the graphics drivers for each computer!) )

(19) haha! Come on, come on! Show yourself!

ok! to this genymotion installation configuration is complete!

Because the length is too long please see my next article ( About genymotion and Eclipse integration together!

Eclipse+ Ultra-fast simulator Genymotion development Android app (first step: Install and configure genymotion)

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