Eclipse User Library Add/edit/remove

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1: The previous article

The latest technology used in development projects is angularjs+bootstrap+spring BOOT+SPRINGMVC+JPA, the project created is Java project, the corresponding jar file needs to be added to the corresponding User class library file, the previous Java EE Project placed under the Web-inf/lib can be, put the time to find that sometimes always need to find a corresponding configuration method, feeling very uncomfortable, so, the following simple records of their own summary of the operation steps for later use.

2: Words do not say much, the steps are relatively simple, just a long time is easy to forget, so, prepared in the blog park more reliable

2-1: Add the corresponding user class library file

The first step: experiment with Eclipse version information, each version is estimated to be the same, different development tools may differ, but should be similar

Step Two: Enter the portal of the build classpath, note that the Lib file in the project is a manually added folder, and put the corresponding jar

The third step: here is a noteworthy place, you can choose to enter the different configuration interface here

Fourth step: tick the corresponding user class library file

Fifth step: The add process is complete

2-2: Modify the corresponding user class library file

The first step: Enter the corresponding class file build path configuration portal, click the other folder in the project-right button, also can be entered the corresponding configuration interface

The second step: more clearly, nothing to say

The third step: Enter the corresponding user class library file Configuration interface

The fourth step: This interface is more critical, there are many functions can be used, we usually use the first delete after adding the way to modify the corresponding user class library file

Fifth Step: Delete the original corresponding jar file

Sixth step: Add the corresponding jar file

Seventh step: Select the corresponding jar file from the corresponding project, usually each project uses its own

Eighth step: OK, it's already been added.

Nineth Step: The following is the confirmation and close the corresponding dialog box

Tenth step: Also confirm and close the corresponding dialog box

11th Step: OK, the changes are complete.

2-3: Delete the corresponding user class library file

The first step: access to the removal class file of the build path, there are other ways to delete, but this is the simplest way

Step two: OK, delete success!

3: summary

This blog post is not gold, its purpose is to simple easy to forget and relatively basic setup skills simple summary record it, but this is also very important, after the new project through SVN to find the whole project is reported red, is likely to be the problem of the construction of the class file, It's nice to solve the problem by simply setting it up.

Eclipse User Library Add/edit/remove

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