Eclipse3.1 and myeclipse 4.0m2

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Eclipse3.1 and myeclipse 4.0m2

I heard these two updates today. I downloaded them immediately and tried them. (Eclipse is a good ide with a very powerful plug-in structure ......, The direct release version of eclipse is well developed in Java. Myeclipse is an Eclipse plug-in that supports J2EE development and integrates struts and hibernate support to develop a very useful J2EE platform .)
The address is as follows: Eclipse release build: 3.1:
myeclipse enterprise workbench 4.0 m2 for Windows 98/2000/XP (6/28/2005 ):

the interface speed of EC has become faster. Myec is also running normally. Some icons have changed. You can open the previous project normally and do not need additional settings. Check if the registration is normal later. It is estimated that the problem is not serious.
you can try it out later.

myeclipse registration code: (although it is under 3.0, it can be used even if I have tried 4.0m2 !)
for eclispe3.0:
for eclispe2.1:

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