Eclipse3.1.1 installation in Chinese

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Eclipse3.1.1 installation in Chinese
After the JDK is installed, download eclipse3.1.1 and the multi-language package.
Language Pack
Three files in total 102 MB 202kb 48 Mbit/s
Download and decompress the two packages to the same directory. If you are prompted to overwrite the original file.
If it is not clear, you can copy these three files to the same folder, or decompress and then decompress the Language Pack. Select "decompress here.

Eclipse installation and localization process (by pauau)

1, to the official website download eclipse3.1.1, do not the latest version of 3.1.2, because this version of the Chinese package seems to have not come out, click "All versions"
3. on this page, you can see "3.1.1 _ language_packs". Click this link to go to the language packs: languages and down.
4、eclipse3.1.1is a green software. After being installed, you can use to directly decompress to your desired directory.
5. Click "Chinese". Decompress and copy and paste the contents in the features folder and plugins folder in the eclipse folder to the folder with the same name; decompress the in the same way, copy and paste the content in the features folder under the eclipse folder to the folder with the same name as the decompressed directory. If a file with the same name is pasted, overwrite the original file.
6. Go to the folder where eclipse3.1.1 is installed and remove config from the configuration folder. INI is deleted from the east and west, and runs eclipse.exe. OK. You will see the Chinese version of eclipse3.1.1. The biggest benefit after the Chinese version is that the help is all Chinese, which is of great help to our new users.

Eclipse can be installed on a variety of operating systems. Install eclipse in windows. In addition to the eclipse software package, Java JDK is also required to support eclipse running.
1. Install JDK. It is important to configure environment variables.
Path = % PATH %; C:/JDK/bin
Java_home = C:/JDK
Classpath = C:/JDK/lib/tools. Jar
2. Install eclipse and use eclipse version 3.0.1 in a unified manner. It is easy to install and is a green software. You do not need to run the installation program or write information to the Windows registry, you only need to decompress the eclipse compressed package to run eclipse.
3. Install the eclipse multi-country Language Pack, which includes not only the Chinese translation of Eclipse, but also the translation of several other major languages, eclipse can automatically select the language in the Language Pack based on the language environment of the Windows operating system. The installation method is as follows:
(1) switch off eclipse first
(2) decompress the Language Pack and give the directory a name, for example, language.
(3) copy this directory to the eclipse installation directory. Note that there is an eclipse subdirectory under the language directory, followed by the features and plugins directories.
(4) create a link file for the Language Pack. Create a new directory named links under the eclipse installation directory, and create a text file named language in the directory. link (can be named at will), and then in the language. add a line of text in the Link file: Path = C: // eclipse // language (Note: C: // eclipse is the installation directory of eclipse)
After the preceding four steps, you can restart eclipse. When eclipse is started, all text files in the links directory are automatically searched and loaded to eclipse by the plug-in pointing to path.
(1) All link files must be valid in the links directory.
(2) The name and extension of the link file can be used.
(3) If you want to install multiple plug-ins, you can either set the path of all plug-ins in a link file (one path line) or split it into a path and one link file.
(4) If eclipse still does not have any culture after multi-country language packs are installed, check whether the path set in the Link file is correct and whether the link file is in the links directory; check whether the location of the links directory is correct, whether the multi-country Language Pack Version is consistent with the eclipse version, and whether the Windows operating system is a Chinese version.
(5) How can I restore eclipse from Chinese to English? Eclipse loads the Language Pack plug-ins for multiple countries based on the path settings in the Link file. Therefore, deleting, renaming the links directory, or deleting the link file corresponding to the Language Pack can make eclipse unable to find the multi-country Language Pack plug-in at startup. However, an error dialog box appears. The solution is to delete the configuration directory under the eclipse installation directory, restart eclipse, and return the English version of Eclipse.

The multi-country Language Pack of eclipse is a plug-in of Eclipse, so its installation method is the plug-in Installation Method in eclipse. There are two ways to install plug-ins:
(1) create a link file. Install multiple language packs in this way.
(2) copy the plug-in file to the eclipse plugins and features directories.
The first method is clear and easy to uninstall, and the second method only needs to copy files, which is the simplest.

When running eclipse, you can add parameters to implement switching between Chinese and English versions.
Provided that the Language Pack is installed.


Create an eclipse shortcut on the desktop, right-click and select Properties

Select the shortcut label: for example, my "D:/program files/Eclipse/eclipse.exe"

Then add-nl en to it.

Changed to "D:/program files/Eclipse/eclipse.exe"-nl en

In this way, double-click the shortcut to enter eclipse in English, and the help is also in English.

Eclipse is a green software!
To install a Chinese plug-in, extract the nlpackage
Decompress eclipse
The two must be in the same directory;
Changing computer environment variables
On the right, my computer --- advanced ---- environment variable ---- New

There are two methods available for localization!
First, you can decompress the Chinese package to the D: root directory: /copy and paste the features and pluginsg files in eclipse to the eclipse file to be customized (select all to overwrite )!
Second: Create a language directory in eclipse, extract the to the language directory, pay attention to the directory structure, language should have subdirectory eclipse, after entering the eclipse subdirectory, the features directory and Plugins directory are displayed. Create a links directory under the eclipse installation directory to save the configuration file of the specified plug-in path. Enter the links directory to create a text file named language. INI, edit this file and add "Path = E: // eclipse // language" (it is best to write the absolute path. I will install eclipse in the E: root directory! This is the relative path of the Language Pack. [Note] the links directory cannot be renamed. This is one of the Eclipse plug-in installation methods, and the multi-country Language Pack in eclipse is also a plug-in.


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