Eclipse/myeclipse variable name auto-completion problem

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The principle is: After you enter the variable name, remove the press space or = after the code screen

Previously only know alt+/recall assist, and later found that all the letters can be activated content assist (8.1 in writing). It is really cool to use, but eclipse still has some default settings are not very good, such as the space bar and the = number will be the first line of content automatically screen, in fact, many times I just want to lose a space or = number. There is no way to set this in the settings, fortunately Eclipse is a plug-in mechanism, you can modify the plug-in source, and then exported to plug-ins, and then replace the original plugin to deal with.

1. Find the relevant plugin first

Open plug-ins View Find plugin Org.eclipse.jface.text, right click, select Import as Source project, after the import is complete, you can see this project in your workspace

2. Modify the Code

In the Src/org/eclipse/jface/text/contentassist/ file, find such a line of code

Char[] triggers = T.gettriggercharacter ();

If (contains (Triggers,key))

In that line if judgment, eclipse will determine if key (that is, the key you pressed) is in the triggers, and if it is, then trigger the code on the first line below, so all we have to do is exclude the space and the = number:

if (key!= ' = ' &&key!=0x20&&contains (triggers,key))

3. Export the modified Org.eclipse.jface.text

Right click on the Org.eclipse.jface.text in your workspace, select Export-->deployable plugins and Fragments, next,destination Select archive File, then finish. You can see the generated jar in the zip file and replace it with the same name jar package in Eclipse/plugins.

if (key!=0x20 && key!= ' = ' && key!= '; ' && contains (Triggers,key))

The last is to export the modified plug-in, right-click on the project in your workspace, select Export->deployable Plugins and Fragments, click Next, select the Destination tab, Select Directory, select a catalog where you want to save the plugin, and then finish. You will then create a new plugins directory in your chosen directory with a jar file that replaces the org.eclipse.jface.text_3.6.1.r361_ inside the eclipse/plugins. V20100825-0800.jar (this file is different version of Eclipse, the later version number will not be the same, I use Eclipse 3.6), so it's done!

Eclipse/myeclipse variable name auto-completion problem

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