ecplise + Hadoop Debug Environment Setup

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1. Need to install package 1.1 Hadoop source Package (hadoop-2.5.2-src.tar.gz) 1.2 Hadoop 2X plug-in ( 1.3 Hadoop window S tool ( 1.4 Ant Compilation Tool (APACHE-ANT-1.9.6.TAR.GZ) 2. Steps (the JDK and Eclipse are already installed by default Where JDK is in version 1.6 or above) 2.1 install Ant and Hadoop decompression apache-ant-1.9.6.tar.gz and Hadoop bin package (over Hadoop standalone configuration here) configuration environment variable ant_home = D:\apache\ Apache-ant-1.9.6hadoop_home = D:\apache\apache-hadoop-2.5.2 is added on path,%ant_home\bin%;%hadoop_home\bin% note semicolon validation cmd- > ant-v 2.2 Compilation Plugin unzip Hadoop2x-eclipse-plugin-master.zipcmd-CD hadoop2x-eclipse-plugin-master\src\contrib\ Modify the hadoop.version= in the Hadoop2x-eclipse-plugin-master\ivy\ file under the Eclipse-plugin directory 2.5.2 if it is 2.5.2 Comments Build.xml Drop the following line <copy file= "${hadoop.home}/share/hadoop/common/lib/htrace-core-${ Htrace.version}.jar "todir=" ${build.dir}/lib "verbose=" true "/> Run ant jar-dversion=2.5.2-declipse.home= The directory where Eclipse is located-dhadoop.home=hadoop (it is possible that the compilation does not pass, note that the hang VPN) runs successfully after the Adoop2x-eclipse-plugin-master\build directory gets a jar package ( Copy it to Eclipse's plugins.Record) Restart Eclipse 2.3 configuration plug-in to open window-->preferens, you can see the Hadoop map/reduc option, then click, then add hadoop-2.5.2 directory to come in configuration map/ REDUCELOCATIONS1) Click Window-->show View-->mapreduce Tools click Map/reducelocation2) Click on the Map/reducelocation tab, Click on the image icon on the right to open the Hadoop Location Configuration window: Enter location name, any name. Configure Map/reduce Master and DFS Mastrer, The host and port are configured to hdfs-site.xml with the Core-site.xml settings to verify that the DFS Locations should be able to display the file directories in Hadoop at this time. Then you can't add a directory or a file, notice that Hadoop's security mode is off, if it's turned off, turn it off Hadoop dfsadmin-safemode leave 2.4 Copy Tool decompression Copy all of the files inside the bin directory of the Hadoop directory to replace some of the files 2.5 user Rights change the Windows login user to a user in a Hadoop virtual machine (   Same name can, without the password) 2.6 Source Modification Find Nativeio This class comment out return access0 this line add return true; Then replace the. class file in Hadoop in the Hadoop-common-2.5.2.jar file (in Windows) (or copy this class note package structure to the project), and then run it as modified 2.7 Add a log in the project src directory, add a content as follows: Log4j.rootlogger=debug,stdout,r log4j.appender.stdout= Org.apache.log4j.ConsoleAppender Log4j.appender.stdout.layout=org.apache.log4j.patternlayout log4j.appender.stdout.layout.conversionpattern=%5p-%m%nLog4j.appender.r=org.apache.log4j.rollingfileappender Log4j.appender.r.file=mapreduce_test.log LOG4J.APPENDER.R.MAXFILESIZE=1MB log4j.appender.r.maxbackupindex=1 log4j.appender.r.layout= Org.apache.log4j.PatternLayout log4j.appender.r.layout.conversionpattern=%p%t%c-%m%n after the above steps can be tested without having to deploy the jar in Windows.


ecplise + Hadoop Debug Environment Setup

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