Ecplise Project transfer to Android Studio, as well as Genymotion simulator introduction

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First, porting Android Projects

Today, a simple way to share a move from the Ecplise development project to Android studio has been to develop Android projects on Ecplise, but since Google is now featured in Android Studio, I have to follow the trend. Therefore, it is necessary to transfer project resources.

1. First, there will be Android Studio, which is in my previous blog, there is no longer described here.

2. Export the Gradle project in the Eclipse project.

(1) Specific path in file->export->generate Gradle build files

(2) Continue next, then select the exported project

(3) to the end whether to export, note that there is force overriding of existing Files this option box, it is recommended to tick, indicating that the overwrite has been generated before the project file.

3. After successfully exporting Gradle, you can see some build.gradle files in the source directory, then import into Android Studio.

4. Inside Android Studio, use, import build.gradle on it, the rest will wait for as download finished gradle, build completed project (also need to FQ or get a VPN will be better). Gradle is also updated if there is a version inconsistency.

 Second, Genymotion Simulator introduction and Installation

while the virtual machine for as is a little faster than Eclipse, Genymotion is a better experience for developers, 5-20s's power-on speed, and a fairly high-level analog phone simulator. supports OpenGL acceleration, provides the best 3D performance experience, installs apps from Google Play, supports fullscreen and improves usage, and many great experiences are also being updated. The installation steps are as follows:

1. Enter Genymotion's official website, the website is:!/, first register, login successfully enter shop Mall to download.

2. There is a different performance configuration in the mall, if only to do some personal development, you can choose the bottom "if you want genymotion for personal used only, please download ithere".

3. Since genymotion is based on VirtualBox operation, the installation of genymotion after the installation of the VirtualBox, in addition to the installation path of their own choice, the rest of the selection by default.

4. Everything installed after running genymotion, login before the user, click Add, will appear all different versions of Android different models of the virtual environment, select the need to download it.

5. When the Android project is running, let's select the device and select the virtual machine online.

Specific genymotion of the introduction and some questions can refer to the official website.

Ecplise Project transfer to Android Studio, and Genymotion simulator introduction

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