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Win10 brings us a lot of magical experience, including the edge of the browser, the edge whether it is starting speed or browsing speed, all performance is very good, but in the advertising shielding performance is not very good. Today teaches everybody how realizes the video the HTML5 to have no advertisement to play.

Open the Edge browser, click on the top right corner of the three points, enter the settings

Under Settings, select View Advanced Settings

In the Advanced settings interface, turn off the edge of the flash feature. Here to block some of the ads based on flash more than enough, and the edge itself has advertising shielding function, so the overall effect is still good.

The next step is how to implement the video HTML5 without advertising.

Open Edge Browser, click on the top right corner of the three points, choose to use IE open

After opening IE, enter http://zythum.sinaapp.com/youkuhtml5playerbookmark/

Then follow the prompts to drag the appropriate part to the Favorites bar, must be dragged, not a simple collection! As shown

The pop-up window selection is. Effect as shown

We do this because the edge does not support drag and drop to the Favorites bar, so first through IE collection, and then import to the Edge

Then casually open a video page, and then click on the Favorites bar just added items can play it, is played in the form of HTML5 oh, and no ads.

This method does not install any advertising plug-ins, you can achieve video without advertising, and the edge on the system also has no adverse effects.

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