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Google browser plug-ins a variety of powerful, but many other browsers are not compatible with the use of the message that the Edge browser will fully support Google browser Plug-ins, the following to see how to use it.

In the official release of the WIN10, Edge browser did not complete the formal presentation of the gesture: temporarily does not support the browser plug-in extensions, more regrettable. Microsoft has previously confirmed that plug-in extensions will be available later this year.

A few days ago, Microsoft Edge Browser project manager Drew DeBruyne more details on the new features of plug-in extensions. He said the Edge team wanted to seamlessly support the Google Chrome browser's plugins, and developers could use them without making any adjustments or modifications, which is clearly more appealing to most developers and users.

"Our goal is not to do too much work, or not to do any work at all (we can support the Chrome plugin)." We did a lot of work to get the Edge to provide the same API support as Chrome. ”

Microsoft Edge announced that Microsoft is keen to replace the old Internet Explorer, the new browser can better form the competition with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, so introduced plug-in extension support, Developers can provide extensions based on Silverlight, HTML, and CSS development. Not only that, Edge also support from the Chrome and Firefox existing plug-ins, developers as long as a small number of code changes can be quickly ported to the edge, in order to achieve faster improvement and enhance the functionality of the purpose.

Obviously, at the beginning of the Edge browser function design, Microsoft doesn't have much confidence in persuading developers to develop plug-ins for them, so they decide to try something different, but it's also the best and fastest way to improve their competitiveness, and it's great news for our users if they can seamlessly support the Chrome plugin.

Extensions are available in the Windows Store

Microsoft now offers a "one-stop" shop for Windows 10, which includes all free and paid apps, games, music, movies and TV shows, and on a variety of Windows 10 devices, including computers, tablets or mobile phones, A consistent shopping experience is available when browsing the store.

So Drew DeBruyne also admits that future Microsoft Edge browser Plug-ins will also be on the shelves in the Windows store store to maintain a complete store shopping experience.

Edge Browser How to use Plug-ins?

Find the "extension" shopping category on the Windows Store, where you can simply select the feature extension you want most in the category, and then click the Install button to automatically add it to the Edge browser.

As for the specific time-to-market for extensions, Drew DeBruyne is still not disclosed, but according to recent news, it may be officially available in an important update in mid-October.

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