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As the development language on the as400 system, rpgle is written in column number alignment mode. If there are more than one condition, check the endif to death...

Therefore, ultraedit is used to download, edit, and upload FTP files, so that you can directly edit and view the files on ue.

Upload and download the bat will not be pasted, it is relatively simple. Paste the wordfile section of the New rpgle language syntax in ue.

Try the code folding function. Hey, is it much easier to check if... endif?



/L14 "rpgle" nocase line comment = * line comment valid columns = [7] string chars = "'file extensions = RPG rpgle
/Delimiters = *~! @ ^ & $ () + = | // {} []:; "'<> ,.?
/Open brace strings = "{""(""["
/Close brace strings = "}" ")" "]"
/Open fold strings = "if" "do" "ifeq" "ifne" "iflt" "ifgt" "ifle" "ifge" "begsr" "doweq" "Downe" "dowgt "" dowlt "" dowge "" dowle "" select "" doueq "" Doune "" comment t "doult" "douge" "doule" "cas" "caseq" "casne" "casgt" "caslt" "casge" "casle"
/Close fold strings = "endif" "enddo" "endif" "ENDSR" "enddo" "enddo" enddo """ enddo "" endsl "" enddo "" endcs" "endcs"
/C1 "statements" style_statement
* Entry * Like
ACQ add adddur andeq andne andlt andgt Andle andge
Begsr bitoff Biton
Call callb cab cabeq cabne cablt cabgt cable cabge CAS caseq casne caslt casgt casle casge cat chain check checkr clear close commit comp
Define Delete dir Div do doweq Downe dowgt dowlt dowge dowle doueq Doune volume t doult douge doule dsply dump
Else end endcs enddo endif endsl ENDSR endpgm eval limit t exfmt exsr extrct
Feod force
If ifeq ifne ifgt iflt ifge ifle in ITER
Leave Lookup
Mhhzo mhlzo mlhzo mllzo move movea movel mult MVR
Occur oreq Orne orlt orgt orle orge other out
Parm plist post
Read readc Reade readp readpe rel reset return rolbk
Scan select setgt setll Seton setoff shtdn sorta SQRT sub subdur SUBST
Tag test testb testn testz time
Unlock update
When wheneq whenne whenlt whengt whenle whenge write
Xfoot Xlate
/C2 "operators" style_operator
/C3 "Built-in variables" style_variable
* All * allg * allx * blank * blanks * ext * hival * loval * none * null * off * on * SRC * zero * Zeros
/C4 "functions" style_function
% ADDR % ELEM % paddr % size % SUBST % trim % triml % trimr
/C5 "keywords" style_keyword
* Date * day * DMY * equate * EUR * file * HMS * In * ISO * JIS * Jul * mdy * month * omit * Place * USA * year * ymd
Ascend alt altseq
Const ctdata commit cursym
DS dim dtaara descend disk devid datedit datfmt debug decedit dftname
Extname ext;extind export extfmt
Fromfile formlen formofl formsalign ftrans
INZ ignore include infds infsr Import
Overlay occurs oflind
Page page1 page2 page3 page4 page5 page6 page7 prefix perrcd printer pass pgmname plist prtctl packeven procptr
Rafdata recno rename
Special seq saveds saveind sfile SLN
Tofile timfmt
Udate Uday umonth uyear usropn



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