Edo project! Web Gantt! Supports "Gantt Chart", "tracking Gantt Chart", "calendar View", and "Network Diagram"

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Edo releases the latest web Gantt chart!

Three new views are added: Tracking Gantt charts, calendar views, and network diagrams.

Key tasks and Key Path Display are added.

The four views are as follows:

1. Gantt Chart


2. Tracking Gantt charts


3. Calendar View


4. Network Diagram




Yidu Gantt chart is the leading Gantt Chart solution in Web development.

It is developed using JavaScript and implements the same interface and functions as the Gantt chart of Microsoft Project, which can be widely used.Project Management System,ERP System,MES systemOr otherTask Resource AllocationRelated Fields.

Easy Gantt chart has the following features:

  • Cross-platform:Yidu Gantt chart is implemented using JS and has nothing to do with the server language. It can be run on any server platform, such as. net, Java, PHP, and ASP.
  • Cross-browser:Compatible with IE6/7/8, Firefox, opera, Safari, chrome, and other browsers.
  • No plug-ins required:Because it is implemented in JS, it can be directly run in the client browser.
  • Compatible with Microsoft Project data:: You can import and export project management data between Microsoft Project and Yidu Gantt chart.
  • Rich features:Task addition, deletion, modification, upgrade, downgrade, pre-job logic, resource allocation logic, and other functional logic. The operation is exactly the same as that of project!
  • Ultimate performance:The easy-to-use Gantt chart has amazing performance!Reached the browser's limit!Superior performance compared with similar products
  • Support for massive data volumes:SupportedTens of thousandsProject task!
  • Perfect web Gantt Chart paging printing Solution
  • Supports Gantt charts, tracking Gantt charts, calendar views, and network diagrams!

Try it now!

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