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Ip:port Type Speed Country/area HTTP 140,280,961 Panzhihua University, Panzhihua, Sichuan Province HTTP 121,231,241 Xiamen Telecom ADSL, Fujian Province SOCKS4 160,841,1542 Heilongjiang province Qitaihe Shi netcom SOCKS4 30,601,1162 Shanghai City Minhang railcom SOCKS4 240,691,1161, Qingdao, Shandong Province, cable users SOCKS4 50,971,1342 Zhejiang province Lishui netcom SOCKS4 190,821,1472 Shandong province Liaocheng Telecom HTTP 20,1482,1482 Jiangsu province Changzhou Telecom HTTP 110,1041,1041 Jiangsu province Changzhou Telecom ADSL HTTP 110,1202,1202 Jiangsu province Suzhou Telecom HTTP 90,1192,1372 Shanghai Jiao Tong University teaching three/refrigeration laboratory/mold/plastic forming SOCKS4 210,3655,4136 Shandong province Qingdao Netcom HTTP 280,4867,4867 Taiwan Province HTTP 150,4677,4677 Liaoning province Shenyang Netcom HTTP 40,4376,4376 Jiangsu province Nanjing Netcom HTTP 3015,3465,3465 Dalian University Science and Technology Park HTTP 3405,8282,8282 Shanghai City SOCKS4 270,9984,13309 Shandong province Liaocheng Netcom HTTP 6579,9393,9413 Guangdong province Huizhou railcom ADSL HTTP 6760,9935,9935 Shanxi province Yuncheng Netcom HTTP 3836,18216,18216 Macau University of Science and Technology HTTP 2804,24085,24085 Taiwan Province Taipei City HTTP 90,28681,28681 Jiangsu province Changzhou Telecom HTTP 291,571,571 Guangdong province Foshan Telecom ADSL HTTP 10,20,20 Beijing century Pulse Network HTTP 30,60,60 Beijing century Pulse Network HTTP 10,20,20 Beijing century Pulse Network HTTP 241,501,501 Changsha Hunan Information College, Hunan Province, Wangcheng campus HTTP 151,331,331 Quanzhou Telecom, Fujian Province HTTP 191,391,391 Luoyang netcom, Henan Province HTTP 40,70,70 Jilin province Changchun Netcom HTTP 251,451,451 Hongkong HTTP 121,361,361 Chongqing a District electrical Engineering college HTTP 50,110,110 Shenzhen Netcom, Guangdong Province HTTP 30,50,50, Shanghai Netcom HTTP 70,141,141 Guangzhou Science and technology network of Guangdong Province HTTP 20,30,30, Beijing 263 dialing HTTP 181,361,361 Yunnan province Yuxi wide grid HTTP 281,531,531 IDC Room, Xiamen City, Fujian Province HTTP 141,291,291, Guangdong province Dongguan Telecom IDC Room HTTP 30,110,110 Dalian netcom ADSL, Liaoning Province HTTP 281,551,551 Jinan Lark Broadband in Shandong Province HTTP 30,60,60 Shanghai City Wired Access HTTP 10,30,30 Beijing Room HTTP 121,241,241 Yi County Telecom ADSL, Hebei province HTTP 271,1402,1402 Guangdong province Shenzhen Telecom ADSL HTTP 261,2574,2574 Shandong province Qingdao Netcom HTTP 81,2925,2935 Beijing University of Technology Network Center HTTP 161,3395,3395, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, Telecom HTTP 321,3646,3646, Shanghai Telecom HTTP 161,3706,3706 Daqing Daqing Petroleum Institute, Heilongjiang Province HTTP 341,3666,3676 Guangdong province Zhanjiang Telecom Internet Room HTTP 191,3275,3285 zhejiang Hangzhou World-Guide Information Technology Co., Ltd. HTTP 341,3656,3656 Hefei Unicom, Anhui Province HTTP 3065,3215,3225 Yunnan province Telecom HTTP 371,6059,6059 Zhejiang province Lishui Telecom HTTP 411,9965,9965 Guangdong province Jiangmen Telecom HTTP 3005,9234,9234 Hubei province Wuhan Telecom HTTP 9104,10676,10676 Beijing Telecom IDC HTTP 301,22052,22052 Fujian province Xiamen Telecom HTTP 0,24015,24015 Beijing million net company IDC HTTP 9364,21732,21732 Guangdong province Shenzhen Telecom ADSL HTTP 9825,24736,24736 Tibet Lasa netcom HTTP 231,441,441 Quanzhou Telecom, Fujian Province HTTP 120,250,250 Quanzhou Telecom, Fujian Province HTTP 251,501,501 Quanzhou, Fujian province, Peng Feng Middle School HTTP 271,962,962 Taiwan Province HTTP 10,20,40 Yahoo Asia Network HTTP 211,381,381 Shanghai City HTTP 0,121,201 Beijing Netcom HTTP 10,10,10 Beijing Netcom HTTP 30,61,61 ADSL, Chaoyang District, Peking City HTTP 191,331,331 Shenyang Netcom, Liaoning Province HTTP 61,191,191 Beijing Telecom Tong HTTP 101,211,211 Hinet,taiwan HTTP 51,111,5188 Guangdong scrutinized Broadband (General province) HTTP 51,101,6920 Beijing Telecom Tong HTTP 241,481,6840 Hubei province Wuhan Netcom HTTP 111,251,7732 Taiwan Province HTTP 270,4086,4557 HTTP 3395,3716,3716 Shanghai Telecom Room HTTP 191,361,9013 Taiwan Province HTTP 3105,3315,3315 Taiwan Province HTTP 201,431,9214 Taiwan Province China Telecom HTTP 120,230,10044 Changsha Telecom, Hunan province HTTP 10,21,12358 Beijing Netcom HTTP 231,3475,9855 Henan province Xuchang Netcom HTTP 170,340,13018 Zhejiang province Ningbo Telecom HTTP 11,21,15022 Beijing century Pulse Network HTTP 151,261,15262 Telecom ADSL, Pudong New Area, Shanghai HTTP 180,390,15362 Taiwan Province HTTP 30,60,15001, Shanghai Netcom HTTP 20,30,15051 Beijing Capital Information Network HTTP 100,140,15302 Beijing software Industry Productivity Center HTTP 30,60,15061 Shanghai Putuo District wide power grid HTTP 130,300,15282 Hinet,taiwan HTTP 10,20,16393 Beijing Netcom HTTP 161,1753,15713, Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province, Netcom HTTP 241,1362,15963, Harbin Netcom, Heilongjiang province, ADSL HTTP 231,1302,15453, Harbin Netcom, Heilongjiang province, ADSL
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