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In eeepclinux, choose "Linux Enterprise Application"> "Linux server application". For details, refer to the following section. Method 1
Start the terminal with Ctrl-Alt-T

Type sudo-s
Type vi/etc/default/locale (if vim is not installed, type kate/etc/default/locale)
Change LANG = zh_TW.UTF-8 to LANG = en_US.UTF-8

Method 2
Enter Ctrl-Alt-T on the simple desktop to open the terminal


Next, you may jump out of the window and select the language you want to change.
Or the Editor (possibly openoffice) appears, and then change the internal zh_TW.UTF-8 to the en_US.UTF-8 and then store it.
French: fr_FR.UTF-8 (doesn't work out of the box with these instructions)
Italy: it_IT.UTF-8
Germany: de_GN.UTF-8
Traditional Chinese: zh_TW.UTF-8
Zh_CN.UTF-8 for Sim (Simplified Chinese)

Try the following steps:

1. Enable the archive administrator.

2. Select Show Hidden folders and show all file systems in the view ].

3. Add a folder named. icewm in the my homepage folder.

4. Copy all files under/etc/X11/icewm to the newly added. icewm folder.

5. Modify the file preferences in the. icewm folder and change TaskBarShowStartMenu = 0 to TaskBarShowStartMenu = 1 ].

6. Reboot, and a small icon of [Start] Menu is displayed in the lower right corner.

7. Run [Terminal] on the [Start] Menu to call out the Terminal. Run [sudo/opt/xandros/bin/locale_dialog] to switch the language back to English and then restart the system.

8. run [Terminal] on the [Start] Menu to call out the Terminal, run [sudo apt-get update], and then run [sudo apt-get install kicker]. After that, restart the system, after the instance is started, a "Full Desktop" option will be added to the shutdown menu (which does not work currently ).

9. Run [Terminal] on the [Start] Menu to call out the Terminal, run [sudo apt-get install ksmserver], and restart the server.

10. Run [Terminal] on the [Start] Menu to call out the Terminal, run [sudo/opt/xandros/bin/locale_dialog] to change the language to Chinese, and then restart the system.

11. This is all done now. If you want to use a traditional desktop, select [advanced mode] In the shutdown menu.

Generally, the system enters the easy mode after starting the instance. If you want to use the advanced mode, you need to start the instance and then select it.
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