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Early summer, when people enjoy the warmth of the same time, some germs will return, here suggest you eat more garlic.
Garlic not only has a strong bactericidal force, on the bacteria caused by colds, diarrhea, gastroenteritis and tonsil inflammation and so have obvious curative effect, there are
Promote metabolism, increase appetite, prevent arteriosclerosis and high blood pressure effectiveness.
According to the latest research, garlic also has a certain brain function, the reason is that garlic may enhance the role of vitamin B1, and vitamin B1
It is an important auxiliary substance involved in the process of glucose transformation into brain energy. According to new research, garlic can inhibit the danger of radioactive material to human body
Harm and mitigate the adverse consequences.
Although eating garlic is beneficial to the body, it is not good for health to eat too much raw. "Herbal Medicine from the new" record: "Garlic hot toxic, raw phlegm
Hot fire, scattered gas consumption of blood. He that is weak and hot must not touch his lips. Too much raw garlic can cause organic tissue to be damaged under intense stimulation, causing urgent
Sex gastritis, and to heart disease, nephritis and other diseases have side effects, long time will also cause vitamin B2 deficiency, the formation of spat, inflammation of the tongue
and other skin diseases. Therefore, raw garlic must pay attention to the following points: 1. Not fasting raw food or drink after the overheating of the soup, tea; 2. Should be less each day
Food, 2 to 3 valves per time, liver, kidney, bladder disease in the treatment should be free of food; 3. Patients with heart disease and habitual constipation should pay less attention to
Eat, do not eat with honey.
In addition, after raw garlic, the mouth will have a special odor, this is because the garlic garlic was chewed up after a specific enzyme activation of the cells,
The garlic is decomposed into a special odor of allicin. The simple and effective way to eliminate the odor of garlic in the mouth is to chew the tea and rinse it with thick tea.

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