Efficiency source Seagate Hard Drive bad road repair process

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If the module is normal, but more bad, you can start from level 02 automatic calibration (self-test).

Risk: ATA module will be lost, (K8k9k10 will also lose the app module) after running, to write back the original disk ATA firmware and app module.

If the bad way is not much, you can start the calibration from Age26 or Age30, Age31, and not destroy the ATA

Run normal to AGE=50 will stop (many are abnormal end, more is at age=4f end), the calibration process can be a point semicolon at any time; View the calibration process to view the age value. Press the period key to see if the TRK value has changed, to determine whether the process is still running.

K8K9K10 Disk 02-level calibration to age=50 end is normal, but there are age=99 end but also normal;

But this time do not power off, continue to command the input n10,,22 enter, ctrl+t continue to run.

One: Enter the instruction in t> mode: n02,,22

It's not officially started, it's just a definition of where to start.

Two: Press Ctrl+t

Start calibration.

Three: Calibrate to age=50 until

If the calibration is age=4f (the effect is not run very well), if this time to repair to the dial on the instructions input n50,,22 return, back to the age=50, back to 50 after the best power off, to see if the instructions have not shown other error information, If the display needs to be written back to the 1th module, write back the number 1th module. Also can not write to recognize, direct manual transfer to F-level, to do the F-level calibration.

Four: Write back the ATA firmware (calibrate and write back 1.mod period, do not power off)

In instruction mode, display: OVERLAY FAILED is meant to write back the ATA.


Crtl+c under constant power (reset the hard drive)

In instruction mode, display: STUFF was unreadable is back to ATA write complete

VI: Common problems repair method is in the "hard disk firmware detection" Inside point "common problem repair", the common failing to repair unsuccessful, try to write back with the parameters of the 4th number of good firmware (preferably to write back to our calibration before the backup of the original disk 4th module).

Seven: Show master means "ready", then power off. (after seven generations of disk, will show other characters)

Eight: Common problems after repair to shut down a hard drive power, then choose "Mount from the hard drive", when the hard drive will become our software to repair the default string, the LBA value will be very large or not, we will specialize in the software of other options inside the model and LBA value changed back to OK, and then power off the electricity, Reload to see if there is any change, so even if a repair process is completed (can be considered as a process of writing). This can scan, add P table, clear 0 and so on these operations (these operations are basically the data area operation).

Nine: Scan bad way, if there is a bad way, but you can recognize the plate (model, SN, LBA can come out is to recognize the plate), model what all right, you can repair with defects-Total clear Zero

Do not power off during the 0 period, the power will be completely encrypted. (but can decrypt processing, the best constant power)

When you write back the firmware, if you download some firmware from the Web site, you can choose the appropriate firmware (based on the model, firmware version number, circuit board number, SN three-bit the same principle) to write back.

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