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Asp.net| Tutorial First very happy that you can see my series of tutorials, I do not know whether we can be disappointed, in fact, this is also my irresponsible! Also introduced below myself, I am Jilin University 2001 Computer Department students, Wang Jianxu.

More nonsense, may not like to read, the following is the beginning of our tutorial.

Learning objectives: To introduce the development environment and basic skills.

The development environment of our tutorial has the following two kinds: c#+sqlserver,c#+access.

C # is the language recommended by Microsoft and is a language tailored to the. NET Platform. You want to develop asp.net programs, my suggestions (for developers)------Find a copy of visual Studio. NET to install on their own machines, recommend that MSDN be installed together, and I recommend that you install only the C # language. It is recommended that you insert the visual Studio. NET prerequisites into the optical drive, as normal, the necessary disk will automatically detect the configuration of your machine, and make recommendations, you can follow the necessary disk prompts step-by-step installation, nothing wrong, can be installed successfully. (Specific installation details are not covered by this tutorial.

Step two: Install SQL Server. I am installing the Sql2000 4in1 version. Specific installation steps can also refer to other tutorials.

Step Three: Install MS Access 2003. You can buy a single Office 2003. (These are not to repeat)

After the above 3 steps are completed, you can enter in the IE address bar, see the return results, if normal, now you can see a page is being created page notice.

Then locate the Microsoft SQL Server program group in the list of System programs and click Enterprise Manager to establish the Gingerweb database.

Up to now, the environment of the development system has basically been established. Some configuration work, later slowly resolved.

Let us also learn how to master the practice of a Hello world!

In the established page, click the right button to see the code to modify the following code:

private void Page_Load (object sender, System.EventArgs e)
Place user code here to initialize page
Response.Write ("Hello world!");


F5 run.

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