Ehci ohci uhci three PC master USB chip

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Ehci ohci uhci they are all host controller specifications,

OHCI is mainly a non-PC system and a USB chip on the PC board with sishe Ali chipset. uhci is mostly a USB controller chip on Intel and via motherboard.

Uhci hardware circuit is simpler than OHCI, the cost is the most, but the drive is complex. However, they are all from the USB specification.

EHCIIt is developed by several vendors such as Intel and is compatible with OHCI uhci.Follow the USB2.0 Specification.

USB specifications are defined at the register level, but each vendor may have its own dedicated registers.


EHCI cannot be driven by uhci and OHCI drivers because it complies with the USB specification.


P35 must use EHCI sis650 must use OHCI; otherwise, USB cannot be loaded in DOS, and ghost XP can also be loaded into PE.

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