Eight vices that seriously affect the speed of computer reaction

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Seriously affect the computer reaction speed of the eight bad habits, see whether you have committed.

One, loading too many programs on power-on

computer in the start-up process, in addition to starting the appropriate driver, but also to launch a number of applications, these applications we call the start program. The random Start program not only slows down the boot speed, and faster consumption of computer resources and memory, in general, if you want to remove the random launcher, you can go to the "Start" list to remove, but if you want to detail, such as QQ, MSN, such as software, is not in the "Start" list to delete, to go "affiliate application "And then go to" System Tools ", go to" system Information ", go in, press the" tool "of the above tool column, press" System Configuration Edit Program ", go in, in" Start "dialog box, will list the random start program that loads when starting a computer in detail! XP system you can also in the "run" is input msconfig call the System Configuration Utility to terminate the system random Boot program, 2000 system needs to copy the Msconfig program from XP.

Two, put too many icons on the desktop

Having too many icons on the
desktop also lowers the system's boot speed. Many users Higuang a variety of software or game shortcuts on the desktop, the use of very convenient, in fact, this will make the system startup slowed a lot. Because Windows each time you start and display the desktop, you need to look up the icons of desktop shortcuts and load them individually, and the more icons you have, the more time it takes.

Third, some anti-virus software provides the system to start scanning function

This will take a lot of time, in fact, if you have turned on the anti-virus software real-time monitoring function, then the start of the scanning system is a bit superfluous, or this feature is prohibited! We recommend that you put the desktop icons that are not commonly used in a special folder or simply delete them! Making Windows Slimmer compared to the DOS system, Windows is too large, and as you do every day, installing new software, removing some software, it will still be loaded to run DLL files, and as the days go by, DLL dynamic-link library files that need to be loaded when Windows starts and exits are growing, and the natural system is running slower and faster. Then we need to use some of the programs that completely remove the DLLs, which can restore windows to a slim figure. It is useful to recommend that the best players reinstall Windows every two months.

Four, many programs are not completely removed

If you want to remove these programs, you can remove them from Add/Remove Programs, but do you know that it will only help you remove the program, and will not help you remove the program's registration code and some login items? This is not win98 stupid, but it is not professional in this area, to completely remove the program, to find some "professional" removal software to remove the only way! Previously Symantec Company produced Nortonuninstall (hereinafter referred to as Nud), because a part of the destruction of some of the copyright removal software, so the world has ceased to sell, because of this, Symantec only out CleanSweep (hereinafter referred to as CS), However, on the function, or nud more than a life! In fact, in addition to these two software, there are many similar software can effectively remove the program, since Nud is out of print, then I said CS Bar. After downloading and installing, if you want to remove the program, as long as the CS to remove, it will be a spell to remove the program's login entries and registration code! If the user in the use of the same concentration of the above, you can follow the way we suggest to "clean up", so that the use of computers more easily.

Five, install a lot of fonts

One of the reasons for the slow running of the
system is the relationship between the font number. The more fonts you install, the more memory you will occupy, slowing down your computer! So we're going to remove some unnecessary fonts. To remove some unnecessary fonts, you can go to the Control Panel, and then go into a folder called "Font", you can delete the font, but how to know, those fonts useful, those fonts useless? For example: If you don't often go to ms_dos mode, remove the DOS font! Because each individual may love some kind of font, so I am not sure to delete those fonts, but here is a secret to teach you, if you have soiled font, and there are new fine body font, suggest you delete Hua Kang soiled font, if you have a new fine-ming body, and there are fine-ming body, delete the fine-ming body!

Six, set the virtual memory hard drive has a very pet large data interchange file

It is reserved for the system of virtual memory as a place, many applications are often used, so the system needs the main memory for a large number of data access, so the speed of access to this file is a very important factor in the impact of computer speeds! General Win98 default is the system to manage the virtual memory, it will be required by different procedures to automatically adjust the size of the exchange file, but such a large scale will bring additional burden to the system, so that the system operation slowed! In view of this, it is best to customize the minimum and maximum value of virtual memory, avoid the constant size of the transformation. To set virtual memory, right-click My computer, press the content, to the "Performance" dialog box, press "virtual memory", and then select "Let self set Virtual memory set", set "minimum" of 64, because my computer is 32mbram, so I set to 64, that is to say, If your memory is 64mbram, in the minimum, set to 128. Incidentally, in the "Effectiveness" dialog box, select "File", the original set "desktop computer" to "network server", will speed up the operation of the system;

Seven, in the "Disk" dialog box, do not select "Every boot to search for new disk drives," will speed up the boot speed!

Eight, placed on the desktop wallpaper

This is actually a waste of computer resources! Not only that, but also slow down the computer in the execution of the application speed! Want to beautify the desktop, but also slow down the speed of the computer, at this time, you will have a "do not know how" feeling? There is a point, I do not know whether you have tried, is when the wallpaper open, whenever you close one to the largest window, the window will always be up and down, slowly, slowly fall, if this happens, you must close the wallpaper! On the desktop, press the right mouse button, then the content, and then in the Background dialog box, select None, recommended in the "Appearance" of the dialog box, the desktop preset green, black ... As for closing activedesktop, that is, to close the web screen from the desktop, such as the right mouse button on the desktop, and then the content, and then in the "Background" dialog box, there is a wallpaper cloth, named Windows98, that is the Web screen!

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