Elasticsearch Getting Started crud (add, query, modify, delete)

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1. References to elasticsearch.net in the project

Elasticsearch Other versions available in: http://www.nuget.org/find the corresponding project to source!

This article takes version 2.4.1 as an example

First we open the project, click-Tools--"NuGet Package Manager--" Package Manager console

Enter the installation command in console: Install-package nest-version 2.4.1 (then enter to confirm the installation)

Installation succeeded:

2. CRUD cases in the project

The model class is created first based on the data object.

and add: [Jsonproperty ("field name") above the field property]

<span style= "font-size:10px;" >using newtonsoft.json;using system;using system.collections.generic;using system.linq;using System.runtime.serialization;using system.web;namespace webapplication1.models{//[DataContract] public class Order  s {//[DataMember] [Jsonproperty ("OrderID")]//newtonsoft.json namespace public string OrderID {get; Set        } [Jsonproperty ("Ispackageorder")] public int Ispackageorder {get; set;}        [Jsonproperty ("Packageorderid")] public string Packageorderid {get; set;}        [Jsonproperty ("Crsresvid")] public string Crsresvid {get; set;}        [Jsonproperty ("Guaranteemodecode")] public string Guaranteemodecode {get; set;}        [Jsonproperty ("Hotelid")] public string Hotelid {get; set;}        [Jsonproperty ("Guestsrccode")] public string Guestsrccode {get; set;}        [Jsonproperty ("Hoteldiscountcode")] public string Hoteldiscountcode {get; set;} [JSonproperty ("Membercardtypecode")] public string Membercardtypecode {get; set;}        [Jsonproperty ("Resvroutecode")] public string Resvroutecode {get; set;}        [Jsonproperty ("Guestid")] public string Guestid {get; set;}        [Jsonproperty ("Agreementid")] public string Agreementid {get; set;}        [Jsonproperty ("Membercardno")] public string Membercardno {get; set;}        [Jsonproperty ("Teamid")] public string Teamid {get; set;}        [Jsonproperty ("Amount")] public string Amount {get; set;}        [Jsonproperty ("ContactName")] public string ContactName {get; set;}        [Jsonproperty ("Contactmobile")] public string Contactmobile {get; set;}        [Jsonproperty ("Contactphone")] public string Contactphone {get; set;}        [Jsonproperty ("Contactfax")] public string Contactfax {get; set;}    [Jsonproperty ("Contactemail")] public string Contactemail {get; set;}    [Jsonproperty ("Remark1")] public string Remark1 {get; set;}        [Jsonproperty ("REMARK2")] public string Remark2 {get; set;}        [Jsonproperty ("Resvtime")] public string Resvtime {get; set;}        [Jsonproperty ("Resvcitycode")] public string Resvcitycode {get; set;}        [Jsonproperty ("Isprepaid")] public int Isprepaid {get; set;}        [Jsonproperty ("Orderstatuscode")] public string Orderstatuscode {get; set;}        [Jsonproperty ("Cancelreasoncode")] public string Cancelreasoncode {get; set;}        [Jsonproperty ("Confirmtypecode")] public string Confirmtypecode {get; set;}        [Jsonproperty ("Inputstarttime")] public string Inputstarttime {get; set;}        [Jsonproperty ("Inputspanms")] public int Inputspanms {get; set;}        [Jsonproperty ("Inputworkno")] public string Inputworkno {get; set;} [Jsonproperty ("CreatedOn")] public string CreatedOn {get; set; } [Jsonproperty ("ModifiedBy")] public string ModifiedBy {get; set;}        [Jsonproperty ("ModifiedOn")] public string ModifiedOn {get; set;}        [Jsonproperty ("TimeStamp")] public string TimeStamp {get; set;}        [Jsonproperty ("Crsoldresvroutecode")] public string Crsoldresvroutecode {get; set;}        [Jsonproperty ("Actualdiscount")] public float Actualdiscount {get; set;}        [Jsonproperty ("AgentName")] public string AgentName {get; set;}        [Jsonproperty ("Discounttypetag")] public int Discounttypetag {get; set;}        [Jsonproperty ("Fixedprice")] public string Fixedprice {get; set;}        [Jsonproperty ("Agentcode")] public string Agentcode {get; set;}        [Jsonproperty ("Isapartment")] public int isapartment {get; set;}        [Jsonproperty ("Teamprotocalid")] public string Teamprotocalid {get; set;} [Jsonproperty ("Invoicetitle")] public string INVOicetitle {get; set;}        [Jsonproperty ("Pointincrementaltimes")] public string Pointincrementaltimes {get; set;}    [Jsonproperty ("Resvtype")] public string Resvtype {get; set;} }}</span>

        <summary>//Create client instances///</summary>//        <returns></returns>        Private Static Elasticclient getsearchclient ()        {            //server IP Address: port number. (elasticsearch default port: 9200)             var node = new Uri ("");             var settings = new ConnectionSettings (node);            var client = new Elasticclient (settings);            Verifies if the index exists            if (!client. Indexexists ("Order"). Exists)              {                client. CreateIndex ("Order");    Index             }            //Return Elasticsearch operation instance return            client;        }

2.1 New


<span style= "font-size:10px;"            >//Operation Elasticsearch instance elasticclient client = Getsearchclient ();            New object instantiation of orders Ordermodel = new orders ();            Assignment Ordermodel.orderid = "79190545";            Ordermodel.contactname = "It communication QQ Group: 79190545";                                                            Initialize the inserted object iindexrequest<orders> o = new Indexrequest<orders> ( "Order",//_index: Index "Orde     Rhis ",//_type: Type Ordermodel.orderid//_id : id) {Document = Ordermodel,//New            Add data Object}; Call new Iindexresponse Inxresponse = client.            Index (o); if (inxresponse.isvalid) {//operation succeeded} Else {//operation failed}</span> 

2.2 Queries

<span style= "Font-size:32px;font-weight:bold;" > </span><span style= "font-size:10px;"  >string key = "It Exchange Mutual help group: 79190545"; The content that needs to be queried int IX = 1;            Current page//instantiation ElasticSearch operand elasticclient client = Getsearchclient (); Execute Query var response = client. Search<orders> (s = s). From ((ix-1) * 5)//Start page. Size (5)//number of pages per page.                                                Query (q =//Search filter condition//This will not be queried.) Q.wildcard (t = t.contactname, String. Format ("*{0}*", key.                                                 ToLower ())) | | Exact Find//q.term (t = T.orderid, key. ToLower ())//| | Q.term (t = t.contactmobile, key.                                              ToLower ())  //|| Q.term (t = t.contactphone, key. ToLower ())//Fuzzy search q.wildcard (t = t.or Derid, String. Format ("*{0}*", key. ToLower ())) | | Q.wildcard (t = t.contactmobile, String. Format ("*{0}*", key. ToLower ())) | | Q.wildcard (t = T.contactphone, String. Format ("*{0}*", key.                              ToLower ())//Such query, default Word search (equivalent to like '% of the first word% ' or similar '% of the second word% ' or ' like '% of the third word% ') In fact, you only need to query like '% Han Xiping '//q.match (MQ = = MQ. Field (f = f.orderid). Analyzer (key. ToLower ())//| | Q.match (MQ = MQ. Field (f = f.contactname = = key))//| | Q.match (MQ = MQ. Field (f = f.contactmobile). Query (key))//| | Q.match (MQ = MQ. Field (f = f.contactphone).                             Query (Key))  )             ); The query Results object list<orders> resultlist = Response. Documents.tolist (); </span><span style= "font-size:32px;font-weight:bold;" ></span>

2.3 Modifications

<span style= "Font-weight:bold; font-size:32px; " > </span><span style= "font-size:10px;"            >//instantiation of elascticsearch operand elasticclient client = Getsearchclient ();    Instantiating modified objects Orders Ordermodel = new orders () {ContactName = "It exchange mutual help Q Group: 79190545",            Need to modify the data, do not need to modify the can not write};                                                                                    The instantiation request modifies the object updaterequest<orders, orders> updrequest = new Updaterequest<orders, orders> (                                                                                    "Order",//_index: Index                                                                                    "Orderhis",//_type: Type                                                                                    "R1401001950922"//_ID: Flag ID            ) {Doc = Ordermodel,//object required for modification          };  Call Modify iupdateresponse<orders> updresponse = client.            Update<orders> (updrequest); if (updresponse.isvalid) {//operation succeeded} else {// Failure}</span>

2.4 Delete

<span style= "Font-weight:bold; font-size:32px; " > </span><span style= "font-size:10px;"            >//instantiation of elascticsearch operand elasticclient client = Getsearchclient ();                                                                    Instantiate delete Request Object documentpath<orders> DocPath = new Documentpath<orders> (                                                                    "R1401001950922"//_ID: Flag ID            ); Ideleteresponse delresponse = client.                                                                Delete<orders> (DocPath,//objects that need to be deleted                                                                p = P . Index ("Order")//_index: Indexes.            Type ("Orderhis")//_type: Types); if (Delresponse.isvalid) {//operation succeeded} else {//operation failed}&LT;/S Pan><span style= "Font-weight:bold; font-size:32px; " ></span>

  It Exchange QQ Group: 79190545 (SQL server/java/asp.net/c#/js/jquery/oracle/my SQL/)--Welcome everyone to come in chat, Exchange! (regular cleaning of students who do not speak, diving too deep)

Elasticsearch Getting Started crud (add, query, modify, delete)

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