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Elementary OS Luna has been released for a few days, so I can't help but finally change the system. I tested it. It seems pretty fast. With the fancy desktop and program window animation, Elementary OS Luna has done a great job, if you don't talk about it, go to the topic.

The installation of Elementary OS Luna is the same as that of Ubuntu, but the installation interface is more elegant.

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Create a USB flash drive, go to the Elementary OS Luna trial page, and click the installation icon of Elementary OS Luna on the starter:

Go to "language selection" and select Simplified Chinese for Mainland China:

Click "continue" to check whether the installation conditions are met. We recommend that you do not select the following two options, which will affect the installation speed!

My computer has other partitions, So I select "other options". If you have data on your computer, it is recommended to select "other options'

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