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Main symptoms of auto virus:
(1) Open "my computer" and double-click the drive letter.
(2) Right-click the drive letter to see the auto option or open option.
(3) Each disk has two such files: autorun. inf and sxs.exe. of course, some may not be sxs.exe, but *. EXE files named after others. Or autorun. inf and pagefile exist.
(1) There are two main online kill tools: ravmone killer and Jiangmin kill trojankiller.
At.rar(269 KB)

Download the exclusive killer tool. after killing the trojan, restart the computer, open my computer, select the hard drive letter, right-click and select "open" (do not double-click it to open it; otherwise, the trojan will be copied again ), "tool"-"Folder Options"-"View"-"Show All hidden files" to show hidden files, find the ravmone.exe file under the disk, Autorun. INF file. All files starting with fot in Super Text are deleted. after confirming that there is no such file, exit the USB flash drive and insert it to check whether "Auto" exists. If not, the file is deleted successfully.
Jiang minyu specializes in trojankiller

Defense method: Generally, the USB flash drive runs automatically when it is inserted. You can press shift for about 5 seconds during USB flash drive insertion to prevent viruses from automatically running with the USB flash drive. in addition, it is best to right-click the USB flash drive.

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