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If you copy data from another place and paste it into Excel, it is likely that the upper-right corner of the cell will have a green triangle symbol.

The symbol indicates that Excel has a function to prevent the user from misoperation. The green triangle is used to indicate that the current cell and surrounding cells have formulas or formatting or errors. Excel cannot recognize data in this format, and it is very likely that you will not be able to produce the correct results when you use formulas to compute.

If you encounter this problem, you can use the following methods to resolve it.

First, the partial solution

Select the cell with the green triangle, which will appear next to a Warning Drop-down button, click the Drop-down button, select the item in the menu as you want to see the content, or simply ignore the error.

This method is a good way to quickly resolve a single cell or a column of data. However, if such cells are distributed throughout an Excel document, it can be cumbersome to operate.

Second, the global solution

EXCEL2003: Tools-> options-> error checking-> setting-> the "Allow background error checking" hook to be removed.

Excel2007: Office Button->excel option-> formula-> check error checking rule

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