EMC data protection product line hardware and software updates

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On Wednesday, us time, EMC announced that it would update its value to take care of the software, hardware, and services on the product line, in addition, it claims that the New Numeric value best care service also integrates a large number of other numeric values to take care of other functions.

The new product promotion covers four sections of the application, which are best taken care of by the data domain value. NAS and data domain support for the avamar data deduplication software; increasing the size of networker data to take care of the Integration of software and other EMC storage systems, and enhancing the interface friendliness of its mozy cloud Filing Service.

In terms of hardware, EMC updated the data domain record filing and deduplication product line on Wednesday. emsley said the performance of the new data domain will be 4 times higher than the previous version, and the scalability will be 10 times higher, it can support 3 times the number of Record Filing streams, and the cost per GB is reduced by 38%.

The latest data domain version will use the Intel Sandy bridge processor. The speed of the dd2500 Record Filing can reach 5.3 TB/hour, and the available volume is 133 TB; the speed of the dd4200 Record Filing can reach 10.2 TB/hour; the available volume is 428 TB, the filing speed of dd7200 is up to 15 TB/hour, and the available volume is 570 TB.

"The record filing efficiency of new EMC dd products continues to double ." Emsley said: "It is even more worth mentioning that the appreciation service of the purchased dd software can increase the Record Filing experience of dd4200, dd4500, and dd7200 by three times ."
In the product update, dd2500 is updated with dd640; dd4200 is updated with dd670; dd4500 is updated with dd860; while dd7200 is updated with dd890. EMC's data domain product line now supports direct record filing from SAP Hana. After DD-enhanced software, the record filing performance from Oracle exadata and SAP will also increase. EMC has also added 20 support items for applications from other vendors, covering Dell's quest software product line.

In terms of software, EMC's avamar 7 data deduplication software now supports NAS/NDMP Record Filing and supports data domian system-based numeric cores. Additionally, avamar also supports EMC's isilon storage system.

Avamar supports local VMware vsphere web clients to control various aspects of avamar.

NetWorker 8.1 is the latest version of networker, which is integrated with data domian in various aspects.

This time, we tried our best to take care of the updates of the service. Finally, EMC re-integrated its product line. Of course, we can see that the isilon NAS platform and syncplicity file sharing and synchronization software may also implement corresponding integration.

Rob emsley, senior director of EMC product marketing, believes that today's users are still faced with the challenge of taking care of a lot of data and performing numerical record filing/restoration. He explained this point: "We trust that if the filing and restoration services are not promoted, users still face the risk of loss of production value, loss of profits, and loss of customers."

The EMC value best effort solution is shifting towards providing customers with a value to take care of the service. Services cover simplifying the storage responsible for operation and turning it into a resource pool that is easy to manage, integrating values to take care of the background of virtualization and physics, and providing value management services.

Emsley said: "We will try our best to take care of our products as a service to provide customers, and they can manage their own values in a unified way to take care of applications ."

According to the form of providing customers with the best care and packaging as a service, EMC customers will be more likely to take care of their own values for application management. Taking avamar as an example, a customer who uses avamar will now easily join avamar with data domian through EMC services to enhance their own numerical value-taking capabilities.

EMC data protection product line hardware and software updates

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