Emotional management and control

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To understand your emotions.

You should always remind yourself to note: "What is my mood now?" "For example: when you are late for a friend, ask yourself:" Why did I do it? "coldness. How do I feel now? "If you're aware that you're angry with your friend astonishingly's lateness, you can do a better job of getting angry with yourself." There are many people think: "People should not have emotions", so refused to admit that they have negative emotions, to know, people will have emotional, suppress emotions instead bring more bad results, learn to understand their emotions, is the first step in emotional management.

Proper expression of one's own emotions

In the case of a friend who is late for a date, the reason why you are angry may be because he worried you, in this situation, you can gently tell him: "You have not reached the agreed time, I am very worried about you on the road accident." "Try to convey the feeling of" I'm so worried "to him and let him know what it's like to be late. What is an inappropriate expression? For example: You accuse him: "Every time you are late for a date, why don't you think about my feelings?" "When you accuse the other person, it will cause his negative emotions, he will become a hedgehog, busy defense against foreign attacks, there is no way to stand in your position for your sake, his reaction may be:" Traffic jam on the road! Is there any way you think I don't want to be on time? "So the two of them began to quarrel, not to mention a pleasant date. How to "properly express" the emotion, is an art, need to attentively experience, try to figure out.

Relieve emotions in a proper way

There are many ways to relieve emotions, some people will cry, some people complain to 35 of friends, some people will go shopping, listening to music, walking or forcing themselves to do other things so as not to always think of unpleasant things, the worse way is drinking, racing cars, and even suicide. To remind you that the purpose of relieving emotions is to give yourself a chance to clear your mind, make yourself feel better, and give yourself more energy to face the future. It is not a proper way to relieve the emotions by simply escaping the pain and suffering more after the event. Have an uncomfortable feeling, to brave face, think carefully, why so sad, angry? What can I do, and I won't repeat it in the future? What can I do to reduce my unhappiness? Will this do more harm than that? By choosing the right ways to relieve your emotions, you can control your emotions and not let your emotions control you.


Turn your attention to something pleasant.


Distract your troubles and conquer them. Don't associate this annoyance with other troubles. Don't trouble yourself and magnify it artificially. Specific troubles, specific solutions, do not count the general ledger.


Weaken your annoyance, for the non-principle of stimulation, we must learn to tightly hold the gate, as far as possible not to listen, do not look, do not feel, do not let it enter. If the input, as far as possible do not associate, do not think, do not remember.


To be angry is to punish oneself for others ' fault. Forgive others also spared themselves. In addition, the other side as an objective thing.


is to look at the problem in a different perspective. Look at the problem from a deeper, broader, and more long-term perspective, and make a new understanding of it in order to jump out of the original limitations. Let your spirit be liberated so that you can shift your energies to the goals you seek. For example, disguise, how to know is not a blessing, is a classic relief thinking.


Use a strong emotional impulse, and guide it into positive, beneficial directions to make it constructive and rewarding.


Seek another kind of stimulation. If the next-door neighbor loudly open music, make himself upset, using the previous method is invalid, you might as well open your own sound, play their favorite music.


Turn bad things into good things. One is the use of time and objective conditions, the second is the use of emotion itself, the emotional sublimation into power.


Write, talk and so on.

With the effective management and use of emotion, people will become more and more free, more and more unrestrained. Shuyujingerfengbuzhi, True freedom is manifested in: The root of the firm, the strength of the trunk and the sway of the branches freely, three harmonious unity.

Emotional management and control

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