Enable Windows hosts to support PHP and MySQL in IIS

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First, the php compressed package (PHP4.3.2 here for example) decompress to C: php-4.3.2-Win32 directory, and then find a named php. ini-recommended file, rename it php. ini.

2. Open the file and find extension_dir = ". /", change it to extension_dir =" C: php-4.3.2-Win32extensions "; then find the session. save_path =/tmp and change it to session. save_path = C: php-4.3.2-Win32sessions. (Note: Now you need to create the sessions folder under the C: php-4.3.2-Win32 directory to store the session .)

3. Copy the modified php. Ini file to the C: winnt Directory, copy the php4ts. dll file under C: php-4.3.2-Win32 to the C: winntsystem32 directory.

4. Open "Internet service manager", select the site that you want to support PHP, open the properties page, click the "ISAPI filter" tab, and click "add ", fill in "php" in the "filter name" in the pop-up "filter properties" window; fill in "C: php-4.3.2-Win32sapiphp4isapi.dll" in "executable files" (as shown in the figure below ), click OK.

  现在你的IIS已经完全支持PHP MYSQL了
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