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Security | Encryption How do you store your password in a repository? Is it in a pure text way? Do you know how dangerous this is to security? When the person attacking your website can open the library browse, the code in the library is in plain text. Is that the way you want it, based on security considerations? What can I do to make others see the data in the library, and not know where to store the code?

Do you know how to solve the above problem? This article is going to tell you how to encrypt your password and deal with the cipher string, even if it is open, no one can guess the original password! First, let's look at a group of strings:


This is the result of encrypting the cipher, do you know what the string is before you encrypt it? It is actually "test". It's not a suggestion! After the processing of strings, and the original string is completely different, I do not say you guessed it? If the person who decides the password does not say, this password is forever a secret!

After all, it starts with the original string, you may be afraid of someone using reverse engineering to change the string back to the original password, which you don't have to worry about, this code is "single", not reverse engineering to restore! Once you have encrypted your password and then deposited it in your data library, your password will be protected! When compared to the password, encrypt the user's password and then compare it to the data library. I've been talking a lot and now I'm telling you how to write this program.

We use the encryption method "CFS coded encryption function library" to download its functions containing files in the ASP technical plaza → file download → related components → library of letters. The encryption method created by ASP technology is different from other encryption methods on the market! Download the file as a zip file, and decompress to the same catalogue as your ASP.

<!--#include file= "Codefun.fun"-->

This is used to add a function file to your ASP, please add it to the ASP, and then use its encoding function.

Use of the Encoding function Cfsencode ():

Var = Cfsencode (string source)


<%dim Sourcedim var1source = "Test" VAR1 = Cfsencode (Source) Response.Write var1%>

Perform the results:


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