English text reading app development note in primary school (i): create a Win7 virtual machine

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<span id="Label3"></p>1 origins<p><p>The rapid popularization of OTT set-top box and Smart tv, which is represented by Xiaomi box, has rapidly promoted the popularization of Android technology in STB and smart TV FIELD. Since the Android operating system is used, then technically it should be the same, of course, compared to the application of mobile phone app, TV app development should have some characteristics need to pay attention to, I believe this feature should not be too much.</p></p><p><p>The reason for writing this note is a small inconvenience in life, because the son is in primary school, every morning need to listen to english, the school issued by the tape is really inconvenient, the old tape machine believe that very few people use, although also bought him a step by step high repetition machine, but not a few days was Shelved. So I searched an online app, on the mobile phone is very useful, you can read the text directly, you can read the text, turn to which page read aloud which page, if not flip, automatically read down, do or quite human, but such a new problem arose, every morning my cell phone was occupied by my son, Received audio listening to english, I want to see a friend circle Ah what, it is inconvenient.</p></p><p><p>Just in the home there is an OTT set-top box, you can install the app, think of this app installed on the OTT set-top box, the results found completely unusable, the interface is not, the remote control can not respond, completely can not use ah, the conclusion is mobile phone app and TV app or some difference, need to make a slight adjustment.</p></p><p><p>What's the whole thing? To write a TV app again, in order to regain control of my mobile phone, I was a former development engineer Ah.</p></p>2 Win7 Virtual Machine Creation 2.1 VMware Workstation installation<p><p>directly to the development environment installed on their own computer feel is not too good, a system to affect the speed of operation, the second is unavoidable to install the unloading, unloading, the computer operating environment to make a mess. So I decided to play in the virtual machine Environment.</p></p><p><p>Virtual machine Of course choose the industry boss vmware, download the VMware Workstation for Installation. I did not expect this thing to upgrade to 11.1 version, The world is really changing fast ah.</p></p><p><p>Download from official website and Install:</p></p><p><p>All the way next basic ok, a few points to note:</p></p><p><p>1, Choose a typical installation or custom installation; Click "customize", and then select the features you want to install (the recommended Hook-and-click "enhanced Keyboard use tool", with the feeling, do not know what reason, anyway, did not install visual Studio, so did not choose this plugin);</p></p><p><p>2, It is recommended not to tick "check product updates at startup";</p></p><p><p>3. It is recommended not to check "help improve VMware Workstation";</p></p><p><p>4, Midway if the anti-virus software prompts to modify, Please select "allow"; "do you trust this network connection?" Appears. , select "yes, This is a trusted network", as required;</p></p><p><p></p></p><p><p>To enter the license key interface, I used this: 1f04z-6d111-7z029-av0q4-3aeh8, currently available, the future expires, do Not Call Me.</p></p>2.2 Win7 Installation Disk preparation<p><p>Before creating a virtual machine on vmware, you need to prepare a Win7 installation CD or ISO file, I am looking for someone else to Win7 the flagship version of the installation disk, and then use the UltraISO to make an ISO file for BACKUP.</p></p>2.3 Creating a virtual machine<p><p><strong>Open VMware Workstation</strong> <strong>software, and then select Create a new virtual machine</strong></p></p><p align="left"><p align="left">It is recommended that you select "custom" and then next,</p></p><p align="left"><p align="left">Select default value, Next</p></p><p align="left"><p align="left">I am using the ISO file as the operating system cd, Next</p></p><p align="left"><p align="left">Serial number input serial number, not the first input, installed after the use of free activation tool it;</p></p><p align="left"><p align="left">Anyway is the virtual machine, do not set the password, start a little bit easier; Next</p></p><p align="left"><p align="left">Pop up a box and choose "yes", Next</p></p><p align="left"><p align="left">This step is set as required and is not recommended on the c-drive system disk, Next</p></p><p align="left"><p align="left">Choose the default, Next</p></p><p align="left"><p align="left">These steps are configured as needed, Next</p></p><p align="left"><p align="left">This proposal uses a "bridging network", which is closest to the real physical machine, Next</p></p><p align="left"><p align="left">These two steps are recommended, Next.</p></p><p align="left"><p align="left">Of course it's new, and There's no ready-made virtual disk on hand; Next</p></p><p><p>Choose the default configuration, a bit of a panic in the past, an XP virtual machine will be 10G to die, now a bit 60G, a little scary oh, Next</p></p><p align="left"><p align="left"></p></p><p><p><strong>finally OK</strong> <strong>, click Finish to start creating the virtual Machine.</strong></p></p>2.4 Installing Win7<p align="left"><p align="left"></p></p><p align="left"><p align="left">After the virtual machine is loaded, start the virtual machine, because set the CD-ROM as the Wi7 installation disk of the ISO file, the virtual opportunity to automatically enter the WIN7 installation program, basic without manual intervention, Let it all the way to install the LINE.</p></p><p align="left"><p align="left">Virtual opportunity automatically restarts several times, after installation, you can do the follow-up Work.</p></p><p align="left"><p align="left">You can choose a full screen mode and look Comfortable.</p></p><p align="left"><p align="left">yes, There's An important step to activating the operating System.</p></p><p align="left"><p align="left">Also have to have to do baidu, you can download a free activation software, installed after the start, and then click "start Experience genuine"</p></p><p align="left"><p align="left">Then eject the following interface, and then automatically restart the system;</p></p><p align="left"><p align="left">finally, on the computer, click Properties:</p></p><p align="left"><p align="left">See the back of the genuine logo, Ok.</p></p><p align="left"><p align="left"></p></p><p align="left"><p align="left">Actually can't copy picture, that look under Baidu library Bar:</p></p><p><p>Link</p></p><p><p>English text reading app development note in primary school (i): create a Win7 virtual machine</p></p></span>
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