English trip -- Review Unit 9 daily living daily life

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This article mainly introduces a tense: Be Verb + Ving


There are 6 rules to remember

1. directly following the word + ing e.g. Watch-> watching

2. It is the word ending with IE. Change it to Y + ing e.g. Tie-> tying tie-> tie

3.Auxiliary element auxiliary (ending with a consonant + a vowel + a consonant)In the case of double write, the last e.g. Sit-sitting

4. If the end is E, remove e + ing e.g. Take-> taking.

5. The end isW, X, YWhether or notAuxiliary Element, Directly add ing play-> playing

6. If the verb ends with a double EE, you do not need to remove E and add ing e.g. See-> seeing directly.



Doing homework # Do homework

Doing laundry # Wash clothes

Drying dishes # dry the plate drying the hair # Blow Dry Hair drying v. Put... Dry (dry ing form)

Making lunch # Make lunch making breakfast # make breakfast making dinner # cook dinner

Making the bed # Bed laying

Cutting the grass # lawn trim; they live abroad in house (usually only married couples buy it), they have front yard and back yard. The neighborhood in the front yard can report an alarm !!!

Getting the mail # receive mail; the foreign credit card bill is still habitually like this

Taking out the trash # throwing garbage

Walking the dog # walking the dog

Refreshing the car # Car Washing

Watering the grass # watering grass


What is/are he/she/they doing? # NoteIs are





VT is a thing-like verb, followed by a noun directly, such as play basketball. In contrast, VI is not followed by a noun directly. You need to add a to, such as listen to music.


The term has a definite meaning. It refers to a person or thing, indicating that the person or thing referred to by a noun is a specific one of the same class, it is equivalent to the meaning of "that" or "this" in Chinese. It can be used with single, plural, or unmeasurable nouns. It is used to read e before a word starting with a consonant phoneme, before EI before a word starting with a Vowel Phoneme, and when it is particularly emphasized, EI :.


English trip -- Review Unit 9 daily living daily life

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