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The elements of Twitter's marketing are still around follow. I've been tested. I follow 1000 people on Twitter, and at least 100 people follow back to me. From a communicative relationship, you will be smiling at 10 people, and at least one or two will respond to you. So this is the most stupid and original way, is to constantly follow others, and then there are one-tenth of people follow back to you. If you have a follow of 10,000 people, at least 1000 people follow you. If you interact well, maybe more.

Twitter Marketing: The next step is how to use the shortest time cost follow more people, recommend a foreign free Twitter tool twittradder, on which you just enter your twitter account password, you can immediately follow20 a friend. You can open five windows at the same time, round down follow is 100 people, a day to get a 10 round is 10 minutes less than the time, so you can follow1000 people every day, about 100 people in turn follow you, one months a number down, You are more than enough to follow thousands of people. 10 numbers are tens of thousands of people, tens of thousands of listeners, than tens of thousands of English stations easy bar. Traffic is still very good, you put the advertising language to write a little temptation. Hey.

Twitter marketing can also rely on celebrity, you can follow Obama,ladygaga and other celebrities, in their Twitter release the first time to reply, there will be a lot of people back, you are in front, there will be a lot of people to look at you. Every time you are in front, there will be a lot of people follow you. Find Twitter celebrities to find on Google top Twitter. Very old very primitive method, similar to QQ marketing, very early by we used the. The wisdom of the people in the QQ marketing a lot of it can be changed to Twitter above, just a different language, and there are a lot of Chinese characters, hehe.

This paper introduces the tactics of Twitter marketing, but the quality of the traffic is not high, and if you get directional flow, you have to rely on accurate traffic. Twitter is second only to Google in terms of monthly search volumes, surpassing Yahoo and Bing's combined. Twitter has such a large amount of search per day that the SEM thinking can be applied to Twitter.

Twitter search functions are mostly people or information. Now Twitter internal search is very simple, as long as you are the latest, the relevant keywords you are in front, around a keyword constantly updated, you will be ranked in front of the Twitter search. For example, you do UGG products, one day to keep the UGG keyword update on the line. But when Twitter is flooded, users don't like to search by Twitter. What will Twitter do? I think the ranking mechanism of Twitter search may take follower and replies into account, and the more information that is answered, the more messages that users may want to see. The same keyword message, we posted early, Obama released late, Obama's Twitter may have to line up in front of ordinary people, because Obama said the weight is heavier than we, like Taobao by reputation and sales order, Future Twitter may be a way of ranking more than a time later. (hehe, just a person guesses.) )

And Google's search results start to blend in with Twitter results, so as long as your Twitter is up to date and contains keywords, you'll be in front of Twitter before someone else updates it, showing up on Google's home page. The Twitter page for some keywords is still good compared to other sites, and the top reason for this is that Google takes Twitter's content and its external links into account in search results, including follow and replies.

Twitter represents real-time search, and Google also takes into account the results of real-time search, and the perfect fusion of Twitter and Google is what users want.

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