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This colleague is using Java. He helped us in a recent. Net project. So he started to use vs2005. I think he has at least one typical feature of Java developers-he is very disdainful to Microsoft. That's all. It doesn't matter much to me. Later, during the development process, he often complained that vs2005 was not easy to use, and said how eclipse could be used with cloud. To be honest, I didn't have much affection for Microsoft and its products, but after all, I got along with vs for a long time, so he often said that vs is not easy to use, I will defend. After a while, at least I have proved to him that most of Eclipse's functions are available in vs2005. At the same time, I have to admit that vs2005's ide has its shortcomings.

So I found an article on Visual Studio vs eclipse through Google and wanted to see how the two are compared. Jon Skeet prefers eclipse in this article. He mentioned the following:

  • Locate type/Resource
  • Heavy Load smart sensing
  • Organization Introduction
  • JUnit Integration
  • Navigation link
  • Sourcesafe Integration
  • Structure difference comparison
  • Compile upon Saving
  • Combined files and browsers

Jon Skeet believes that eclipse is better than vs2005 in the above aspects, and he also mentioned some vs2005 solutions.

1. dpack

Dpack is a set of free tools for vs 2003/2005. The goal is to greatly improve developers' productivity, automate repetitive processes, and expand some features of. It contains multiple browser tools to help developers quickly locate classes, methods, and assembly types. Dpack also includes enhanced bookmarks, various code navigation tools, and improved surround with functions. Here are several images:

1.1 code browser

The convenient dialog box helps developers quickly locate code members, such as methods and attributes.

It is different from "find symbol" in vs2005. Because it is an instant update search, the list is updated instantly when you type it.

1.2 File Browser

The convenient dialog box helps developers quickly locate any number of files.

1.3 solution Browser

The solution browser is a combination of browser-like and file browsers.

1.4 framework Browser

Locate a type and its corresponding namespace and assembly.

1.5 count bookmarks (numbered bookmark)

Counting bookmarks help us set and locate bookmarks with numbers. There are 10 files in total, from 0 to 9.

1.6 surround

The surround with feature helps us use some of the most common code structures to include the selected code.

1.7 code navigation

The Code navigation function helps us jump between code elements.

1.8 solution statistics

The solution statistics tool helps us evaluate the volume of the entire solution. Including the number of files and the number of lines of code.

1.9 solution backup tools

The backup tool can be used to back up the entire solution or a single project.

1.10 supported options

1.11 keyboard Architecture

This plug-in is indeed very convenient and easy to use,Highly recommended!

2. testdriven. net

We can use nunit independently, but this requires frequent switching between Vs and nunit. Integration of testdriven. NET and VS can save this pain.

3. ghostdoc

Ghostdoc is a free plug-in for Visual Studio. It helps developers write comments in XML format. I have translated a short article about it. I am interested in it.

4. pinvoke. net

Pinvoke. Net is a wiki used to create a correct P/invoke signature.

Let's write this first. If you have any good things at hand, let's recommend it together and make our vs a better ide!

Updated: 2007-10-23

5. vssdk assist

A visual tool set used to expand vs provided by plantain, aims to provide tools and guidance for expanding.

6. Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 ide enhancements

Main functions:

  1. Index find
  2. Code structure Viewer
  3. File comparison

Click here to download the description page in the garden.

Updated: 2007-10-24

7. powertoys for the class designer and distributed system designer

This set of add-in enhances the functions of the existing class designer and distributed system designer in vs2005.

8. bordecal. importssorter add-in for Visual Studio 2005

We may introduce multiple namespaces at the beginning of the file, including. net frameword, third-party, our own, if you manually write better, if you use the shortcut key shift + ALT + F10 import, it may be messy, this add-in can help us sort and sort. Its sorting rules can also be customized to a certain extent.

9. slickedit gadgets for Microsoft Visual Studio 2005

A few interesting gadgets.

10. coolcommands for visual maxcompute 2005 RTM

Add multiple useful commands in.

11. Resource refactoring Tool

It provides developers with a simple way to extract the string hard encoding in the code into the resource file.

12. nunit code snippets for Visual Studio 2005

Some code snippet for nunit.

13. MRU cleaner v1.0.0.5

MRU is the most recently used, which refers to the recent files and recent projects list in. During the development process, some projects/files may not be opened later; they may have been removed; or they can be opened by adding existing project commands, we do not want to see it in the MRU list. This add-in can help us sort it out.

14. Clipboard Manager

It is very convenient to maintain the content of the clipboard and "Persist" the content on the machine!

15. coderush Xpress for C #

It contains code rush and refactor! Features in pro, including enhanced navigation, selection tools, code creation, and powerful refactoring support.


Finally, we recommend two links. Here there are a lot of useful things:

Scott hanselman's 2005 ultimate developer and Power Users tool list

Visual Studio 2005 add-ins list on en.csharp-online.net

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