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In the process of doing mobile phone product design, encountered a lot of seemingly small, and very easy to ignore the problem, it is these small problems, time and again to provoke the user's patience, so that users of your product heart resentment. Just debut friends did not go through the actual combat, the details of the attention is not much, often will encounter similar problems, stressed many times, feel better write down, give the new people to share.

1, no non-click effect

The general button will have four states, not clickable effect, clickable effect, focus State, press the state. If your button is not available at this time, then it must be grayed out, or take off the button, otherwise it will mislead the user.

2, the menu level is too deep

menu items to 5~7, if there is a level two menu, we should pay attention to a reasonable menu classification, can not have too many levels of the menu, otherwise it is difficult to anticipate, and difficult to find, find and return will become very troublesome.

3, the length of the text is not limited

The cell phone interface is very small, the square inch gold, a page can only show the next 6~10 list, a row can only show the next 10~16 Word, the title bar words to 5 within the appropriate, the label bar also to 2~3 a suitable, then the text is too long, we must define the way to deal with, if the choice of type, It is usually truncated or clipped, and can be folded if it is a content-reading type. But the most reasonable way is to streamline the text content, shorten the length of the text.

4, the text table meaning is unknown

Because the cell phone is fragments of time, fragments of reading, so the mobile phone interface of the text on the request of higher, more stringent, must be in the user to glance at the moment, accurate transmission of information. In addition to the clarity of the table, it also requires language simplification, avoid long-winded, use the user's language rather than the language of the program, product copy embodies the product character.

5, Interaction Process Branch too many

When interacting, there must be a task flow concept throughout, the user is to complete a task to use the software, the interaction designer in addition to focus on interface elements, jump logic and interactive feedback, but also pay attention to the user task, the main task and the secondary figure, to the main task a clear flow of the smooth, Do not give too many possible branches to interfere with the main process.

6, the relevant options are very far away

Relevant options must have operational continuity, although the phone screen looks much smaller than the computer screen, but mobile phone on the screen to move the price, but more than the cost of mobile mouse on the computer, if the relevant election on the phone is very far away, the user is easy to get lost, can not find the next step, the second is the need to move the finger To trigger the action on the other end of the screen.

7. Loading too much data at a time

Flow, power, speed and stability are mobile phone products four hard indicators, if your application can not reasonably help users save flow, power, improve browsing speed and browsing experience, to ensure the stability of application performance, do not talk about what user experience. You can use preload caching, bulk load, dynamic refresh, server data compression, etc. to ensure the province, fast and stable basic experience.

8, button clickable range than looks small

We all know that the mobile end has a magic number "44", according to the index finger minimum contact distance of 7mm, thumb minimum contact distance of 9mm, can be deduced to do design, the smallest point of contact distance is 44*32 px. You can design a beautiful small icon, but in the definition of its point of contact size, but you can do magnification, but you must not design a silly icon, touch range is smaller than the icon, this will give users a clear sense of error operation frustration.

9, the label page and content does not have a subordinate relationship

The label page and content need to have a good linkage, generally an interface with two levels of labels is complex enough, do not have three levels of labels, four-level labels. Each tab has its own specific content, and when the tab is switched, the content is switched. If the tab is clicked to switch, the content can be refreshed as a whole, if the tab is sliding, the content page should follow the sliding switch, do not be a point, a slippery.

10, all the operations are exposed

Mobile phone product interaction design to experience the process of reduction, concealment, attachment, organization, do not attempt to what function, what operation are exposed to show strong. You need to apply all the functions of all the operations to make a priority setting, those commonly used 20% of the function, placed in the main interface, the other 80% of the operation, placed in the secondary position or reasonable classification of the organization, hidden up on it.

11, no empty data interface design

We are doing design, often provide an idealized scene, the user has come in, how we play. But, often when the application is just launched, there is no user, even when the application has a certain user base, when the new users open the application, the application may still be a state of no data, or when the user clear all the data, in these three cases, users may encounter empty data interface. Novice designers often do not design, when users will see a blank interface, overwhelmed. An experienced approach is to provide an emotional interface that tells the user that there is no content at the moment, and a more guided approach is to lead the user to perform the action.

12, user-led abuse

Last year it was predicted that user guidance would be rampant, and it was clear that the design department liked to tell users about new or hidden apps with a nice guide, but not all apps and all the features needed fancy guidance. If it is a universal function, not the focus of the module, there is no need to guide, if the function is to tell, just a lightweight boot, if it is version update instructions, manual guidance can be used, but to be concise.

13, no load in the state

Mobile phone products As long as the need for networking, need to exchange data, all need to provide a loading state, whether it is Daisy turn or toast or dialog box, you need to give developers a global definition, and to tell the load is modal (foreground load) or modeless (background load). and to take into account the loading time is too long, the network switch is not open, the network does not pass and so on how to deal with the situation respectively.

14, Undefined back logic

When designing for Android, will involve hardware interaction, in which the use of the back key is a learning, there are some guiding principles of Android can be used for reference, but specifically developed, there will be many special circumstances, such as a single instance of substitution, keyboard and some intermediate state, in this case, The back may need to be defined, and it is time to return to the previous instance (that would need to become more than one instance) or return to the initial state (empty the input or restore the initial state).

15, no horizontal screen mode of design

Because of the horizontal screen mode, the vertical space becomes extremely valuable, navigation bar, the label bar, the keyboard needs to be squashed, the horizontal disk pattern must consider is the simple Lahan or the redesign, if your application is not suitable in the horizontal screen mode uses, shields the horizontal plate, if your application includes the application widget all needs to support the horizontal disk mode ( Even a horizontal screen machine with a sideslip keyboard, you need to provide a design solution. If it is s60v5 this vertical machine, even need to redesign.

As a mobile product interaction designer, the use of design to circumvent problems, improve product user experience, the experience into value, is our pursuit of the realm. Mobile phone product design Taboo, is the author encountered some design problems, welcome to the road Master Synergy to meet the problems, common to avoid the repetition of the invention of the wheel.

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