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A: There is no free lunch in the world. Microsoft has publicly stated that serious system problems such as blue screens in XP are caused by piracy. Moreover, no matter what the major enterprise integrated version is, it cannot be automatically upgraded. (Why is my computer blue screen D? )

Before starting this tutorial, answer your questions:

1. Q: What is the difference between Windows XP Professional Edition and Windows XP Home Edition?

A: the latter is better than the former in terms of network functions (such as IIS installation) and system stability!

2. Q: Why is a genuine Windows XP Professional Edition used?

A: It's easy. You can enjoy the Windows upadte (automatic update) service, and you don't have to worry about restarting SP2 after upgrade.

3. Q: Can I buy a free-activation Windows XP PRO on the market? It is easy to integrate with SP2! Why do you need to make a genuine copy?

A: There is no free lunch in the world. Microsoft has publicly stated that serious system problems such as blue screens in XP are caused by piracy. Moreover, no matter what the major enterprise integrated version is, it cannot be automatically upgraded.

So how can I use Windows XP PRO SP2 with a genuine version, and enjoy the discounts of genuine users without a penny (except for electricity and Internet fees?

The method is not too "complicated "!! There are about 20 steps (don't be scared, I wrote it in detail ......)

1. Download the ISO disc image of the original XP version. The size is 505 MB (none of them will work if they do not match !)

Refer to: ftp: // (we recommend that you use "Thunder" for download !)

2. Download the "Windows XP SP2 patch ". The size is about 285.83 MB.

Reference: http://download.microsoft.com/download/f/6/4/f648c363-6975-470c-8202-ac5aea706109/WindowsXP-KB835935-SP2-CHS.exe (we recommend using "Thunder" Download !)

3. Download the "Windows 4 in 1 calculator ". This is a very useful serial number generator. After running, select "Windows XP Pro." And click "generate" to calculate the number. Extremely fast! After the number is calculated, copy the serial number. It is recommended to calculate 2 ~ 3 As backups! (You can download this attachment !) Decompress the package to a directory, such as D:/sp2.

4. Download "Windows Online Activation Program 1.0" (which can be downloaded from the attachment in this post ). This is the tool for activating SP2, which is very important. Download and decompress the package to a directory, such as D:/sp2.

5. Use WinRAR to decompress the ISO image of the original XP disc (50 MB) to a directory (for example, decompress it to D:/XP ). (What? No WinRAR ...... Dizzy, you can turn off this web page. Maybe you don't understand it too much ......)

6. Click "start"-"run". (assume that the "XP SP2 patch" you just downloaded is in D:/, and the file name is windowsxp-kb835935-sp2-chs.exe. The ISO image of the original XP is extracted in D: /XP) input: D:/WindowsXP-KB835935-SP2-CHS.exe-S: D:/XP. In this case, the program runs automatically and is integrated into D:/XP. A prompt will be displayed. In this case, SP2 integration is complete.

7. Create a DOS boot disk (For details, refer to relevant information) or directly run setup.exe under D:/XP. Remember to enter the XP serial number you just calculated during installation.

8. Long wait ...... Before installation, remember to back up my documents, favorites, and other files. Of course, there is a better way to choose "Upgrade" during installation in windows ". However, if your XP version is newer than the one you just integrated, it won't work ......

9. After the XP installation is complete, restart, agree to the agreement, and ask if automatic update is enabled. Select "Disable Automatic update", enter user information, and skip "register s ". In this case, you need to activate it, ignore it, and select "Activate later ". Then you can enter the system.

10. We recommend that you restart the instance. After the instance is restarted, you may be prompted to activate the instance. You can select "Activate later" or simply turn it off. Remember not to change the system time ...... Otherwise ...... Haha ......

In this case, you 'd better install various system drivers first, especially the NIC Driver (because you need to activate windows on the Internet later)

11. Now you can activate it. Open D:/SP2 (that is, decompress the "Windows Online Activation Program 1.0"), run the program, and click the Windows Image in the window. At this time, a file is written to C: /Windows/system32/, and the "System File Protection prompt" is displayed. Ignore them.


12. A Windows Activation Program with the key pattern as the icon will appear later. Select "Activate through the Internet" and make sure that you are connected to the Internet. (What, no NIC Driver Installed ...... Khan !)

13. There are two different prompts: "activation failed" and "activated windows ". If it is the latter, you can click "finish. If the former is used, confirm the network conditions and click "retry". If the former is still unavailable, click "activate phone, click "change key" (this is probably the option, but the specific name cannot be remembered ~). Enter the serial numbers you just calculated. Click "Update ". Then close the Activation Program. Go back to D:/SP2, re-run the Activation Program, and repeat Step 11 ~ 13, until "activated windows" is displayed.

14. Okay! Finally activated windows! However, the table thinks that you can update it online now, because successful activation is not the same as the genuine serial number authorization system. The serial number is probably not authorized by a genuine certificate. To confirm, we need to run the verification program. Click Run-Windows Update. After a period of scanning, the system will prompt you to install a new Windows Update and select "Agree to install. After installation, the system scans automatically and updates three system programs, one of which is the verification program for the genuine windows. Click the Download button and agree to the installation protocol. You don't have to worry about the crash of online updates. Don't forget that this is a "genuine system" activated over the Internet. Microsoft cannot help you either.

15. Restart immediately after installation. Reconnect to the network, click Start-Windows Update, and select "quick". The webpage automatically verifies the Windows version. After a period of time, the genuine verification page will appear, click "continue", the new page will appear. There is a 99% possibility that "the verification has not passed the genuine version", and a 1% possibility is that the verification has passed the genuine version (it is very likely that the serial number you calculated before is the XP genuine order authorization column number !) But you don't have to worry about failing to pass the verification. We have other ways to deal with it. For more information, see Step 16. If the verification has passed, you can directly jump to step [color = Red] 19 [/color].

16. Click Start-run and enter gpedit. MSC. In the displayed dialog box, click group policy. Expand Management Module-Windows Components-Windows Update. In this case, a configuration list is displayed on the right. Find "automatic configuration Update", double-click it to open the Properties window, and select "disabled ". Click Next settings, select Disabled, and click OK to close the Properties window. Find "auto update detection frequency" in the list, double-click it, and select "disabled ". Click OK to close the Properties window, and then close the "Group Policy" window.

17. Are you confused? Why do I disable automatic updates if I want to solve the automatic update problem? Haha ~ The following settings will answer your questions. Press win-D to return to the desktop, right-click Internet Explorer, right-click Properties-programs-Manage Add-on, extend the length of the name list, and find "Windows Genuine Advantage validation tool ", click "disabled" below to close the window and then close the Internet Properties window. In this case, in combination with Step 16, Windows will not have any permission to re-verify the system for genuine version, so you do not have to worry about system crash after online updates.

18. Click Start-Windows Update, and then click "quick" to scan again. A prompt is displayed, indicating that you have disabled an ActiveX plug-in to be run, it is the program that verifies genuine xp. If it is disabled, it is equivalent to skipping verification.

19. (Step 18 and 15) after a while, you can see the list of patches to be updated. There are more than 30 patches. Download them now! After the installation is restarted, the system is found to be as usual: no crash, and no prompt for re-activation is required. Now, you have installed all the latest Windows patches. Of course, you can run Windows Update again to check for any omissions.

20. It's hard to use the genuine XP system. Please install all kinds of software and enjoy it ~! There will be no blue screens, no endless crashes, and no fear of vulnerability attacks (it is already quite secure ~ Unless Russian hackers use your computer as an experiment ...... Install kapersky immediately-the world's top virus firewall and looknstop-the world's top network firewall ~ It would be better to add the user password! We recommend that you use a 16-bit password)

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