Enterprise brand calls for the protection of domain name assets to be the focus object

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Enterprise brand calls for the protection of domain name assets to be the focus object

China light industry Enterprises Investment and Development Association Legal Affairs Department, China Light Industry Enterprise Investment Development Association Research department, China International Brand Association, "China Economic investigation and Rights" magazine, the National Urban and rural economic public relations and Rights of the Work Committee, and other units to join hands with a group of companies with the name of the brand, well-known firms and independent brands , has launched and set up the "China International Brand Intellectual Property Protection Alliance" in Beijing.

With the rapid development of knowledge economy, more and more enterprises gradually realize: in the fierce market competition, to make their own enterprise products to win a greater leading edge, occupy the strategic highland of the industry, we must protect the trademark brand, protection of intellectual property rights is to protect the wealth. Ma Shouqun, president of China International Brand Association, Vice Chairman of China Light Industry Enterprise Investment Development Association, and Chairman of China International brand Intellectual Property Protection Alliance, said that brand protection is the protection of the intellectual property rights contained in the brand, that is, brand trademarks, trade names, goodwill, patents, trade secrets, network domain names, etc.

With the rapid development trend of China's electronic commerce and the vigorous scene of Internet market, protecting the network brand is not to be neglected by our enterprises. Relevant professionals put forward that the brand assets of enterprises should form a "trademark + domain name + URL resources" of the whole network protection. Domestic top-class domain name Registrar of the era of Interconnection told the author, the recent introduction of the new Web site rules show: Enterprises have a trademark does not represent the enterprise also has the right to network, as long as others to prove their registered goodwill, enterprises may not be able to retake the disputed domain name and Web site brand.

and domain name as the number of the network, in addition to playing an important role in the network, enterprise domain name also representative, promote the role of corporate brand, is an important part of corporate brand assets. The head of the era interconnection mentioned that at present, the domestic brand hundred enterprises will be CN National domain name as the first network of corporate image and interactive platform, these enterprises to the application of CN domain name expansion to the enterprise-related customer service number, stock code, etc., such as the recent China Mobile update enabled 10086.cn domain name. ". cn" Domain name because of its strict standard registration management policy, increasingly become a global security, trusted domain name, ". cn" under the domain name site safety factor also greatly increased.

    It is understood that the. mobi mobile domain name is the world's top domain name approved by ICANN and is sponsored by a consortium of world-renowned mobile and internet companies. After the end of the 37th session of the ICANN conference, the Canon company announced a high-profile bid to win the new international generic top-level domain with ". Canon" as its suffix, and its Working Group representative Tero?mustala said Nokia was considering various possibilities for ". Brand" Brand new top-level domain name. Although the new top-level domain name is disputed, the enterprise's application for the brand domain name will not stop.

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