Enterprise distributed micro-service Cloud architecture technology share Spring Cloud + Spring Boot + Mybatis + Shiro + RestFul + microservices

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1. Introduction

Commonservice-system is a large-scale distributed, micro-service, enterprise-oriented Java EE System Rapid research and development platform, based on the modular, service, atomization, hot-swappable design ideas, using mature leading non-commercial open-source technology to build the mainstream. With the service-based component development model, complex business functions can be realized. Provides a driver-driven development model that integrates built-in code generators, increases Java EE development efficiency by more than 5 times times, reduces code development by 50%, solves 80% of repetitive work, and allows developers to focus on business logic. Using MAVEN for project Building Management, continuous integration with Jenkins is primarily targeted at large distributed enterprise systems or large distributed internet products architectures.

2. Use of Technology

SOA Service Framework: Springcloud, Springboot, restful, etc.

Distributed cache: Redis

Modular Management: Maven

Database connection pool: Alibaba Druid

Core framework: Spring Framework, Springboot

Persistence Layer Framework: MyBatis

Security framework: Apache Shiro

Server-side validation: Hibernate Validator

Task Scheduler: Quartz

Log management: slf4j 1.7, log4j

Client-side validation: JQuery Validation

Dynamic tab: Easyuitab

Front-End frame: Bootstrap, Vue

3. Design Ideas

Distributed, microservices, cloud architecture

Java language development, cross-platform, high-performance, high-availability, secure, service-based, modular, component-driven development model

4. Technical framework

5. Platform Basic functions

User management: The user is the system operator, this function mainly completes the system User Configuration.

Role Management: Role Menu permission assignment, set role to divide data range permissions by agency.

Rights Management: Maintenance of some of the more fixed data used in the system.

Menu Management: Configure the System menu, Operation permissions, button permission identification, and so on.

Department Management: Configure the system organization, tree structure display, can adjust the subordinate.

Log management: The normal operation of the system log records and queries, system exception information logging and query.

Connection pooling monitoring: monitor the status of the current system database connection pool to analyze SQL to identify system performance bottlenecks.

Source source technical support for complete projects 1791743380

6. Source code Structure

7. Registration Center

8. Some functions

You are welcome to study the relevant technology to understand the framework of technology or source of friends directly to seek

Source source technical support for complete projects 1791743380

Enterprise distributed micro-service Cloud architecture technology share Spring Cloud + Spring Boot + Mybatis + Shiro + RestFul + microservices

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