Enterprise Solution Resource Planning management software C/s architecture, support 64-bit system, enterprise comprehensive application integration, manufacturing informatization

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Enterprise solution is a complete business resource planning system that meets the requirements of many manufacturing customers. The system takes the. NET framework technology as the development structure, the perfect function can effectively help the enterprise to carry on the operation plan, reduces the cost, delivers the product on schedule, causes the customer to the enterprise's operation completely in the plan.

Main module Modules

Enterprise solution mainly consists of the following 7 major modules:

Module Key Features
Sales Quotations, sales orders, delivery, returns, customer invoices, sales packaging
Purchase Purchasing Purchase requisition, purchase order, purchase receipt, return, goods inspection, supplier invoice
Warehouse Inventory Warehouse Inventory, warehouse adjustment, and re-evaluation of the total
Production Production Material/process specifications, work orders, kits, diverging materials, job completion registration, completion report, material return
CRM for Customer relationship Customer Master file, customer relationship, customer contact, project management, expense reimbursement, salesman daily
Financial Finance Handling vouchers, General Ledger, itemized accounts, accounts receivable, total Accounts payable, financial statements
Human Resources HR Employee Master file, employee training, resignation and development, leave and overtime, payroll calculation, attendance analysis, dormitory arrangement

Functional Characteristics Features
    • Multi-language support, traditional/simplified, English
    • Support multi-user, multi-company, multi-warehouse, multi-currency
    • Designed specifically for manufacturing processes
    • A flowchart is attached to the module for easy learning and use.
    • Each module is closely related and independent, the customer can choose different modules to meet the needs of the company's business
    • System can be upgraded and expanded as required
    • Multi-level user rights can be set
    • Support workflow for on-line approval work
    • Complete Order tracking function
    • Flexible customer service, providing a range of tools for customer to change system settings, including interface, find, workflow and report printing
    • Pre-set a large business document reporting library, with Crystal Report development tools, customers can quickly change their own or add reports within the system.
    • SharePoint Integrated Custom Query parts
    • Support for attachment management, which can be stored in a database or file server
Warehouse Module Interface

Warehouse into position

Enterprise Solution product Feature List

Manufacturing industry Applications
Serial number Industry Industry features
1 Electronic Electronics

1. The material specifications are many, the substitution material is often set up, the material demand calculation work is large;

2. Product assembly for the high requirements of the material alignment

3. Need to have document document and recognition, the first piece of documents such as inspection records to record requirements;

4. Management of common materials

5. The management of the fixed packaging material into the WIP warehouse;

6. Order specifications, BOM version, effective expiration date, design changes and other impact on production

7. For the management of spare parts and over-delivery;

High monthly reconciliation of supplier vendors

2 Hardware Metal

1. Need for the management of casting molds

2. The production account (input, output, bad, in-process) and statistical report of each workshop are required.

3. Need to have a scheduling plan for each workshop

4. Capacity utilization, production efficiency statistics report for organic stations

5. Piecework is required, and the piece algorithm needs to be set up according to the requirements of the factory to deduct the scrap, the capacity utilization, etc.

3 Toy Toys

1. The material general category is small, but the delivery time pressure is big

2. Workshop Production Management process complex

3. Based on order production (MTO) mode

4. Machine productivity LED

5. Need to deal with mold, injection molding production mode

6. High order and production tracking requirements

Quality affected by processing technology

4 Clock Watches 1. Complex production process, assembly line production
2. Product variety, wide range of applications
5 Plastic Plastics

1. Large and small orders;

2. The management of the nozzle material is very important to the control of the product cost.

3. Plastic, small hardware, electronic materials used at the same time, often with metal processing;

4. More kinds of materials, product cost calculation and control is more difficult;

5. The management of mold and mechanical equipment parameters is particularly important;

6. There is a certain amount of outsourcing/external processing situation;

7. Customer delivery time is getting shorter, the accuracy of quantity and date is more and more high;

The distribution of indivisible materials is more

6 Trade Trading

1. International trade in goods involves different countries or regions in the policy measures, the legal system may exist differences and conflicts, as well as language culture, social customs and other aspects of the differences, the problem is far more complex than domestic trade.

2. The volume and amount of international trade in goods is generally larger, the distance of transport is far away, the performance time is longer, so the two sides of the transaction are far more risky than domestic trade.

3. International trade in goods is susceptible to conditions such as political, economic change, bilateral relations and changes in the international situation in the countries where the transaction is being exchanged.

4. International trade in goods in addition to the two sides, but also related to transport, insurance, banking, commodity inspection, customs and other departments of cooperation, cooperation, the process is more complex than domestic trade.

7 Mechanical machinery

1. Mechanical processing by single design more, product configuration is rich

2. Mechanical manufacturing takes a relatively long time

3. Complex BOM

4. Complex supply chain, a part may go through a number of different processes to complete

5. Time spent on production is limited by production resources such as equipment

6. The processing time of each process is not uniform with the planned lead times

7. Various equipment and process processing rates vary greatly, difficult to calculate costs

Customer demand often cannot be determined at once, engineering changes frequently

8 Retail retailing Distribution 1. High cost, high competition, resource monopoly, low return, difficult to expand
2. Taking into account the population flow, traffic environment, national policy and the surrounding industry network and other problems in local area
9 Medical Device Medical Instruments

1. Material grade requirements are high, need to differentiate batches

2. The production process requires a very high degree of sterility and rigor.

3. Mandatory traceability of finished products

4. Product unique code and bar code management

5. In-Shop machine dynamic Kanban display

10 Stationery stationery

1. Large number of industry enterprises, regional concentration, low concentration of the market
2. Mechanization of production mode is not high, belongs to labor-intensive industry, the industry profit rate is low.
3. Chinese stationery enterprises mainly export processing enterprises, long-term OEM-branded way for overseas enterprises processing and export sales, product value-added low, technological innovation and brand awareness is weak

11 Electrical electrical Appliances

1. Product materials similar to many specifications, numbering management, manual numbering will often result in re-editing, leakage, mis-compilation situation;

2. Product upgrading quickly, engineering changes frequently;

3. Product combination with many, according to the traditional ERP material number, BOM workload is huge;

4. Sales promotion methods and price policies are diverse and require flexible customer and product discounts and credit limit controls.

Management of substitute materials and common materials

12 Dining Catering 1. Sustainable Business
2. Strong adaptability
3. Risk Resistance
4. Low-cost marketing
5. Market Effect
6. Market stability
7. Income Protection
8. Strong appreciation Space
13 Generator Generator

1. Wide range of applications, variety of products, complex specifications

2. The industry concentration is not high, the production enterprise and the related subdivision industry is more, no obvious cyclical, regional, seasonal

14 Printed Circuit board PCB

1. WIP management PCB industry more than the number of processes, delivery short, tracking production (mixed version, lost, WIP quantity is not allowed, replenishment delay, delivery unclear)

2. Order variety, order quantity is limited, strict quality requirements, short delivery period

3. Frequent ECN project changes

4. PCB industry product range, each customer will have different product requirements, such as size, number of layers, materials, thickness, quality certification. and the product processing materials, process, process parameters, testing methods, quality requirements, and so on, through the preparation of MI (production instructions), to the production and outsourcing units issued processing instructions

The price of the PCB must be analyzed according to the engineering data provided by the customer, the processing process is made and the average price of each process is calculated.

Installation Environment

Implementation steps
Stage On-line module Implementation cycle

Engineering Sales Procurement Warehouse


Material Control Workshop Control production plan

Eight weeks

Payables Accounts receivable Ledger

Two weeks

Technical support

E-mail: 361764203#qq.com [Change # to @]

Account 15915216474

Enterprise Solution Resource Planning management software C/s architecture, support 64-bit system, enterprise comprehensive application integration, manufacturing informatization

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