Environment building for Android automated testing

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Environment building for Android automated testing

I. Introduction of ANDROID-SDK
? SDK (software Development Kit) software Development Kit. A collection of development tools used by software development engineers to build applications for specific software packages, software frameworks, hardware platforms, operating systems, and more. Android is Google's launch of the mobile phone development platform. ANDROID-SDK refers to Android's proprietary software development kit. The tools in Tools and Platformtools folders are most commonly used in ANDROID-SDK.

Second, tool installation
? 1, ANDROID-SDK only need to extract (note that the path can not be extracted with Chinese and white space), but the operation of ANDROID-SDK requires Java Virtual machine support and JDK, so in the use of ANDROID-SDK need to install the JDK first, If the JDK is installed, you can see if there are JDK and JRE two folders under the C:\ProgramFiles\Java path of your computer, if any, the installation of the JDK is already installed (it may be installed in another folder), please download and install it yourself.

2, install the Python compiler, Python to support Monkeyrunner run, using Python scripting use cases will greatly simplify the writing of monkeyrunner use cases, and will help extend Monkeyrunner automation capabilities, Please download and install the python yourself.

3, set the environment variables; Create a new path inside the user variable, add the Android-sdk, JDK, python installation path, example: C:\android-sdk\tools, C:\androidsdk\platform-tools, C:\Python27, C:\ProgramFiles\Java\jdk1.6.0_10\bin
? 4. After the installation is complete, enter java–version, Python, and monkeyrunner below the cmd window to check if the installation is correct, as shown in:

This is the end of the installation of the environment, followed by more articles on how to test Android Automation.

Environment building for Android automated testing

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