Eric's path to freedom of wealth

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Wealth of freedom does not know when it began to become a dream of their own, perhaps the junior high school lunch can not add a dish, perhaps the college age reluctant to buy a dress. How much money is freedom of wealth? Every time you spend money to consider spending the rest of enough to live behind, this to bring their own distress sense of oppression is difficult to resolve, the wealth of freedom for me is reasonable consumption no longer do not care how much despite the cost, the current economic situation and the pressure of life, at least 80.01 billion is enough. High school politics in the financial sector is particularly serious, also very good, the results have been the best and by the teacher attention to the company organization, tax use has a simple theory of understanding, the most important thing is to form a great interest in the economy and finance. University times want to get rich, look poor Dad Rich Dad series, library can borrow bookstore have sold all looked again, looking for the road to get rich, science and technology to finance the financial knowledge, choose course politics and finance, unfortunately scripted and politics too much space of course a section let me tired. Study period earn write money to subsidize life, school surrounding district advertising installed computer system, 07 happened to encounter a stock market teacher installed system demand, and I tell the plunge to him bring the hard hit, plus the legend of the stock is money to share the prejudice of the understanding, missed the stock or financial market contact opportunities, At that time the stock was almost equal to the investment market. 8 years later, 15 5.28 weeks before the new trading frenzy let human greed and fear, +10% difficult to make leek not greedy, constantly adding in 5.28 is a huge loss. That is, knowledge can study the things to learn it. Low risk investment, currency, capital market, futures, securities practitioners course, foreign exchange knowledge of learning evil. Chen Zhiwu, Mr. Wu works, shares the reading of memoirs of the Hand. February 16 Small test, the result of loss, still can not overcome greed and fear. Start with savings, save money, invest, form a pool of funds, and walk 3000 to 8 million of your wealth freedom path.

Eric's path to freedom of wealth

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