Error no.2013 Lost connection to Mysql server during query

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[Email protected] ~]# cat/etc/redhat-release
CentOS Release 6.3 (Final)

DB version:
Mysql> SELECT @ @version;
| @ @version |
| 5.6.26-log |

Data Center Department applies for on-line database SELECT permission, direct grant Select on db.* to ' username ' @ ' IP ' identified by ' password ';

Use MARIADB to do multi-source copy and filter the user mobile phone number and address, so add whitelist, and email feedback to the data center of the beauties!!

Connection not on database, error: Error no.2013 Lost connection to Mysql server during query

Whenever beautiful women find you work, always attentive to help, haha haha!!  The past looked down, the ping does not pass. Active Contact Network Management open permission, Ping Pass, Telnet Pass, the problem is still, not connected!

Problem can be completely excluded from the database permissions control level, Baidu look where the problem!

Many users ask to modify:
And my size is:
Max_allowed_packet=32m, and then know the point of the problem is not here, and tried, the problem is still.

Finally Google to come, a foreigner encountered the same problems as I, ping Pass, Telnet, Max_allowed_packet modified to 64M, the problem is still!

Finally, firewall policy issues!

Re-let the network management changes under the policy, OK, connected! If it weren't for the girls in the data center, they wouldn't go to see it, haha haha ha!

Error no.2013 Lost connection to Mysql server during query

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