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Magento plugin, Plug-ins. I want to use the magento essential plug-ins ..

They are all free magento plug-ins, many of which are complicated ~~

[Powerful for collection> _ <great for sharing]

If you have a good plug-in, leave a message. I will keep updating it ~

Magento Language Pack:
French: magento-community/locale_mage_community_fr_fr
German: magento-community/locale_mage_community_de_de
Spanish: magento-community/locale_mage_community_es_es
Russian: magento-community/locale_mage_community_ru_ru
Danish: magento-community/locale_mage_community_da_dk
Italy: magento-community/locale_mage_community_it_it
Swedish: magento-community/locale_mage_community_sv_se
Polish: magento-community/locale_mage_community_pl_pl
Aabric: magento-community/locale_mage_community_ar_sa
Finnish: magento-community/locale_mage_community_fi_fi
DUTCH: magento-community/dutch_nl
Chinese: magento-community/locale_mage_community_zh_cn

Magento Seo Extension)

Add WYSIWYG editor (WYSIWYG for admin) to the magento background product editing)

The blank topic required for magento Template Development. Blank has been greatly reduced and removed from unnecessary XML and redundant code (magento blank theme) in the template)

Magento essential plug-in key
Magento-community/safitech_catalog product image enlargement: magento jqzoom
Magento-community/monk_twitter add Twitter to the website
Magento-community/beck_livechat magento extension for online customer service
Magento-community/tf_autocomplete AutoComplete search
Magento-community/riconeitzel_vertnav navigation to the right
Magento-community/asiaconnect_freecms can publish videos
Magento-community/netambition_directresize Image Self-adjusting size
Magento-community/News news
Magento-community/magentix_socialbookmarking share your products, categories, CMS pages... To social bookmarking services (Twitter, Digg, Facebook
Magento-community/raptor_explodedmenu replace magento's original single-column menu with a multi-column drop-down menu
Magento-community/tbt_enhancedgrid add product image display to background product management
Magento-core/interface_frontend_default_iphone this is a new iPhone optimized theme to the magento default Interface.
Magento-community/canecom_shpo iPhone app for the magento backend-shpo The WebStore backend plug-in
Magento-core/magento_mobile welcome to the world's first mobile-commerce platform! IPhone
Magento-community/fme_quickrfq free quote plug-in
Magento-community/aw_blog blog
Magento-community/magento_easy_lightbox lightbox Advertisement
Magento-core/mage_all_latest quick upgrade magento to the latest version
Magento-community/tbt_enhancedgrid delete order
Magento-community/jira_magebridge magento integrate the joomla plug-in
Magento-community/boutikcircus_deleteorders order deletion plug-in
Magento-community/fooman_emailattachments magento Extension
Magento-community/aschroder_googleappsemail use the Gmail mailbox plug-in
Magento-community/bouncingorange_tinybrowser tinybrowser is a File Uploader/manager for tinymce.
Magento-community/aw_blog aheadworks blog Extension
Magento-community/Monk_Blog-0.5.8 blog plug-in (old)
Magento-community/unirgy_giftcert get a gift on the product page
Magento-core/mage_compiler can improve magento speed.
Magento-community/mxperts_jquery: the latest version of jquery imports and handles conflicts.
Magento-community/boutikcircus_deleteorders order deletion plug-in
Magento-community/fooman_emailattachments magento Extension
Magento-community/aschroder_googleappsemail use the Gmail mailbox plug-in
Magento-community/aw_blog aheadworks blog Extension
Magento-community/Monk_Blog-0.5.8 blog plug-in (old)
Magento-community/artsonit_advancedsmtp advanced SMTP (support for php_openssl.dll is required)
Magento-community/bysoft_flashnavigator {block type = "CMS/block" block_id = "flash_navigator" template = "CMS/content. phtml "}}
Magento-community/magestore_bannerslider {block type = 'bannerslider/bannerslider 'template = 'bannerslider/bannerslider. phtml '}}
Magento-community/scalena_news displays news in the traditional form, including some of the latest news blocks on the home page, news list pages, and news details pages.

1. Sort the list of products by category in reverse order (to display the latest products by shard in real time ).
Location: APP/code/CORE/MAGE/catalogblockproductlisttoolbar. php
Modify: protected $ _ direction = 'asc '; to desc

2. Add custom options for batch import products
Location: APP/code/CORE/MAGE/CATALOG/model/convert/adapter/product. php

3. Adjust the Add to cart, wishlist, compare, and custom options on the product page.
Location: APP/design/frontend/base/default/template/CATALOG/productview. phtml

4. The Add to cart button in the home page, category, comparison, and willingness to purchase is removed.
Cause 2: 1). If the product has custom options, Add to cart is useless;
2). Not beautiful either.

5. By default, the latest recommended products are displayed on the homepage. to display them randomly, see
Here is the description.

6. You need to open a new window for online payment such as credit card. The Code is as follows:
APP/design/frontend/default/template/Checkout/cart. phtml
Replace getchildhtml ('top _ Methods ')?> Use the following code.
Getchildhtml ('top _ Methods ')?>

7. Fixed the case where magento title was changed to Customer Login:
After analysis, the reason is that: in the app/code/CORE/MAGE/customer/block/form/login. php file
Protected function _ preparelayout ()
This-> getlayout ()-> getblock ('head')-> settitle (Mage: helper ('customer')->__ ('customer login '));
Return parent: _ preparelayout ();
If you delete this part or the whole row, the result is returned to normal.

8. Set magento 301 permanent orientation
Edit. htaccess by adding the following code under rewriteengine on:
Redirect permanent/old.html/new.html
Tip: if permanent is missing, it becomes 302 temporary redirection, and the search engine will index/old.html. Therefore, 301 orientation is recommended.

9. Enable the magento template debugging mode.
System-> Configuration-> current configuration scope: select the debugging store-> developer-> debug-> template path hints to yes and save the settings. Refresh the front-end to view the debugging path of each module of the template. After debugging, change the template to "no" and save it.

10. How to smoothly import customers from other systems to the magento email system:
1). Import four data records that are essential for other system customers: First name, last name, e-mail, and password (or only four data records that need to be retained)
2 ). the error "customer email already exists" and "form was filled incorrectly" may occur when you join the email system, delete the corresponding code (back up the file in advance) to import the code smoothly. For example, the corresponding data table newsletter_subscriber can be "continuously imported" during the import process based on the customer_id value. The corresponding file location is as follows:
APP/code/CORE/MAGE/customer/model/entity/customer. php
APP/code/CORE/MAGE/newsletter/model/mysql4/Subscriber. php

11. Solve sqlstate [42s22]: column not found: 1054 unknown column 'E. brand' in 'field list'
Rebuild in Cache Management: Category Product index to solve the problem. Cause: "sequelae" caused by database Modification"

Other magento plug-ins 
Edit configuration product in cart
Key: magento-community/magestore_editconfiguration

Custom option description

Import Product relations

Magik search AutoComplete

Groupereflect product image deep zoom

Featured Products

IP Security

There are more than 20 charged magento plug-ins at hand.

If you want to purchase a magento paid plug-in, please ask me ~

Magento common plug-ins

The villagers repost their links ~ Thank you ~~

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