/etc/issue and/etc/issue.net files, telnet before login display

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    • If you log in through a local text device (such as a local terminal, local Virtual Console, etc.), the information is stored in the/etc/issue file;
    • This information is stored in the/etc/issue.net file if you are logged in through a remote device (such as SSH or Telnet).

1. First Image:

[Email protected]:~$ cat/etc/issue
Ubuntu 11.10 \ \l

[Email protected]:~$ cat/etc/issue.net
Ubuntu 11.10

2. \ n What is \l?

In the/etc/issue file, the escape sequence (escape sequence) is allowed, and when the system encounters an escape sequence, it is automatically replaced with the appropriate information, such as \ n for the host name. The complete list of transfer sequences is as follows (this list is excerpted from: Man Agetty, as this issue is interpreted by Agetty):

BInsertThe baudrate of the.DInsertThe current date.SInsertThe system name,The name of the operating system.LInsertThe name of the current TTY line.MInsertThe architecture identifier of the machine,eg.i486.NInsertThe nodename of the machine,Also knownAsThe hostname.OInsertThe NIS domainname of the machine.OInsertThe DNS domainname of the machine.RInsertThe release number of the OS,eg. 1.1.9.TInsertThe current time.UInsertThe number of current users loggedin. U insert  the string "1 user"  or  <n> Users " where <n>is The number of the current users logged in.< Span class= "PLN" > v insert The version of the Os Eg. the Build-date etc< Span class= "pun".                

3. Notes on Issue.net:

First, escape sequence cannot exist in issue.net;

Second, when using SSH login, will not display issue information is determined by the configuration of SSH.

/etc/issue and/etc/issue.net files, telnet before login display

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